[CANCELLED] [Vocal ATC] IFATS Follow-me Cessna Event @ KJFK - 141800ZOCT17

Server: Casual

Region: New York

Airport: KJFK

Time: 1800Z

Notam: Hello all! Welcome to another vocal ATC event brought to you by the Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service. We are a virtual organisation that provides professional and realistic vocal air traffic control services. We operate using Discord. You can find our discord server invite link on our website. Take a look at our thread for more information.

The event we have lined up is a little more creative than usual, and we really hope you enjoy it.

Unfortunately, Infinite Flight is not quite yet at the stage where it has follow-me cars, so in this event, we will be making the most of what it does have. We will have 5 people in Cessna 172s located at KJFK airport, who will act as follow-me cars for arriving aircraft, to take them to the gate. This will mean that you will not need to follow ground charts for KJFK.

Unlike previous events, you will not be able to fly freely between a selection of airports; there will be a specific route. The route will be from KSWF to KJFK. There will be no specific flight plan for you to copy, however the clearance delivery controller will issue you a SID (Standard Instrument Departure), which will be on a chart that you will need access to. If you need any help with getting the chart, you can ask the controller to send you a link to it. Also unlike previous events, there will be gate assignments, both for the departure and arrival airports:

KSWF Parking
  • (Heavy) ANG A1: @Plane_Spotter BAW400(H)
  • (Heavy) ANG A2:
  • (Heavy) ANG A3: @Alfonso22 AVA244(H)
  • (Heavy) ANG A4:
  • (Heavy) ANG B1:
  • (Heavy) ANG B2:
  • (Heavy) ANG B3:
  • (Heavy) ANG B4:
  • (Heavy) ANG B5:
  • ANG C2: @bookers4eva DAL1246
  • ANG C3: @Matthew_Hromek DAL306
  • ANG C4:
  • ANG C5:
  • ANG C6:
  • ANG D1:
  • ANG D2:
  • ANG D3:
  • ANG D4:
  • ANG D5:


KJFK Parking
  • (Heavy) Terminal 5 Gate 14A: @Plane_Spotter BAW400(H)
  • (Heavy) Terminal 5 Gate 9A:
  • (Heavy) Terminal 4 Gate A3: @Alfonso22 AVA244(H)
  • (Heavy) Terminal 4 Gate A5:
  • (Heavy) Terminal 4 Gate A7:
  • (Heavy) Terminal 4 Gate 80:
  • (Heavy) Terminal 4 Gate 81:
  • (Heavy) Terminal 4 Gate 82:
  • (Heavy) Terminal 4 Gate A6:
  • Terminal 5 Gate 20: @SVEN_MORLEY ACA5122
  • Terminal 5 Gate 19: @bookers4eva DAL1246
  • Terminal 5 Gate 18: @Matthew_Hromek DAL306
  • Terminal 5 Gate 17:
  • Terminal 5 Gate 16:
  • Terminal 5 Gate 11:
  • Terminal 5 Gate 07:
  • Terminal 5 Gate 05:
  • Terminal 5 Gate 03:
  • Terminal 5 Gate 01:
  • Terminal 4 Gate A2B:


To request a gate, please ask below and include your aircraft type and callsign. PLEASE NOTE THE A380 IS NOT ALLOWED.

20-60 minutes before you fly, you will need to post your flight plan in the #fss channel on our discord server, following this example: AAL5729//IFR//KSWF-KJFK//FL180//1810Z. This shows your callsign, you are flying IFR, your departure and arrival airports, your requested cruise altitude, and your intended departure time.

HOW THE FOLLOW-ME CARS WILL WORK: You will exit the runway and contact the ground frequency. They will then tell you a follow-me car is on request. All you need to do then is hold position until a Cessna 172 with the callsign “FOLLOW-#” arrives. Then, you will simply follow it to your gate.

It is requested that once you are at your gate, you stay parked there, so there are some nice screenshot opportunities with a lot of other aircraft.

If you any of this is unclear or confusing, feel free to drop me a PM, either on Discord or the IFC.
If you need any general help regarding voice ATC communications, you can also PM me, or an instructor or any other staff member.

Once again, you can find a link to our discord server on our website.

We really hope to see as many people there enjoying themselves as possible!



I might just come. Probably.


Glad to hear it! Could you give me your aircraft type and callsign?

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Yaaaa boiiiii is comin’

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A320 Air Canada 5122

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I can’t come. Would love it but I’m busy.


Also you guys should do controlled airport polls like IFATC. Saw a video of you guys in action and it would be great on expert server!

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unfortunately since we only operate on the Causal server so we don’t interfere with the in game ATC we won’t be able to open in the expert server, but region suggestions sound fun!


Oh yeah I forgot about the only IFATC on expert thing. Maybe IFATC should just annex you XD.


I think I can try to get a new Live+ membership by then. If I can then I’ll come :)


Ok, if you were to come, what what your callsign and aircraft type be?

I’ll be in a Delta E-170
Callsign - Delta 1246


KSWF Gate please. A320, Delta306


You will receive a gate for both airports

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Cancelled due to lack of pilots.

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