[Cancelled] Virtual Airline Challenge #2! @ LFPG - 301830ZAPR16

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Paris Region

Airport: LFPG

Time: 1830Z

NOTAM: Welxome to the second VA challlenge! It will be like the one before it, but at a different time, so different people can come! Same categories will be judged on (Best Flight Plan Following, Most Members, Widest Veriety of Fleet (at event), and Safest Flying)! Please have your VA come perticipate, so you can win some awards for your website!

Flight Plan: This is the Flight Plan for the event:

Notice: Using the trophy logo without permission on your website will result in an imedient change to unapproved by the VADC and a mod will be contacted

Might want to change that 😉

Expect Royal Air to be there!

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Is LFPG in San Fransisco Bay region?

Suggest Catagogy to include in your marking will be following ATC instructions ( if ATC are present !).

LFPG is in the Paris region, also kudos for choosing a region which gets less attention :D

Yep I know it’s in the Paris region ( being Paris’ main airport) but if you read the OP it says region : San Fransisco Bay Area…

Can you change it to a free region please. I really want to participate, but don’t have Paris.

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OK. RAV015 Coming

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Well, be on the lookout for AIR NEW ZEALAND!!

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I’m politely asking. And I don’t have to get live+. And I am a true fan, even though I don’t have it, end of story. And am I missing something, because I don’t know what about that seems like a fit.


These are the things I like to see. A friend, standing up for a friend. You should have seen how angry I got at him. Anyway, thanks a lot!


Sometimes you have to take a hit. You don’t have Paris? That sucks… Wait for the next event. Us fans who have been here for a while value these events back into the regions that are never filed. Guess your one of those who came just for things like the A380. Sit back and fly something that helped create what you have today, perfect for the Paris region. No need making a comment that asks if the region can be changed. If it is set in a place that is where it is set.

Do you to a party and then ask if you can change locations?

Do you get invited to something, and then change the location?

End of discussion.


He’s right (@Furtive_masstwofourf is right), it’s not free, too bad for you, it’s not going to be free for YOU only.

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But you have to understand how he feels, when he sees someone else asking for it to be made free when you know that the answer is NO, why should he get Paris free if we payed for it?


Guys, any post in this thread from now on about a change of region or continuing the argument will be flagged! It’s not needed. The region is final!


Who’s perticipating in this? Don’t forget to come!

Look at the time change!

can u make it -1hour because if not it will be 1 am not pm

It’s about to start! Make sure you are there!

what happened

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