[Cancelled] Virgin Group VA - Delivery Flight @KBFI- 051900ZOCT18

Virgin Group 737-800 Delivery Flight

Event Description

This event will be talking us on a first for Virgin Group VA with a 737-800 Virgin Australia delivery flight. This event is going to take us out of KBFI to PHNL for our first leg. Our second leg will take us PHNL to NFFN or Fiji with some awesome scenery. Our last leg with take us from NFFN to YBBN. We are expecting some great scenery and great view on our way to Brisbane,Australia. Virgin Australia Home Base

Event Details

Server: Expert Server

Depature ICAO: KBFI [Boeing Field]

Arrival ICAO: PHNL [Honolulu International]

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 (Generic)

Depature Time and Date- 1900Z
October 6, 2018 7:00 PM

Flight Time Projected: 5hr 30Mins

Route Details

Depature Details

Depature Runway: 32L Planned
Depature Climb
Below FL010 220knots V/S 2200
Above FL010 300Knots V/S 2200
Between FL 280- 330 Mach.85 V/S 2200

Cruise Altitude FL320
Cruise Speed Mach.85

Arrvial Details

Begin descent at 120NM out

Descend down to FL200 V/S -1000 Speed 320Knots
Descend again to FL010 V/S -1000
Speed 250
Below FL010 is up to you

You can land on either 8L or 8R depending on your spacing and want you want

No 4L or 4R

Flight Plan

R1134 PHNL

Gate Assignments


Boeing 737 Bay B1: @Trevor_A
Boeing 737 Bay B2: @Matei27
Boeing 737 Bay B3: @Don_King
Boeing 737 Bay B4:
Boeing 737 Bay B5:
Boeing 737 Bay B6:
Boeing 737 Bay B7:
Boeing 737 Bay B8:
Boeing 737 Bay B9:
More Gates will be added if needed


Virgin 1: @Trevor_A
Virgin 27: @Matei27
Virgin 13: @Don_King

How to Request a Gate
Gate Wanted:
Callsign # Wanted:
(All Callsigns begin with Virgin)


More Delivery Flights

This is the first leg of 3 on this 737-800 Delivery flight for Virgin Australia.

Leg Route Flight Time
1 KBFI to PHNL 5.30
2 PHNL to NFFN 7.30
3 NFFN to YBBN 4.30

Legs 2 and 3 will be upcoming so stay tuned on our thread and #live:events for all new Virgin Group Events

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We are a group made up of 3 different airlines. Virgin Atlantic,Virgin America and Virgin Australia. We give our pilots the chance to fly all three when they are with us. As you proceed with this event we hope you want to join the team.

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Sign me up for Bay B1 Virgin 1

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Yep got you all signed up

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Sign me up. You know the callsign

Will another event be planned like this when the Virgin Australia 737 is released?

@Matei27 got you signed up!

@TheFlyingkiwi We are planning on doing an event when any Virgin plane gets realeased. 🛫

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I’m okay with merging this event into my event if you’re interested…

Virgin 03 for me.

Got you all signed up

Gates are available for for this KBFI to PHNL.

Never flown out of KBFI?
It’s an awesome expirence and fun flight passing through SEA overhead.

Never flown over the Pacific either?

Well thats probably the best part with all of the cool water and approach into PHNL

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This event is now cancelled

Due to me having irl flights I will not be able to attend therefore cancelling this event. We will post this event again in November when our pilots have more time to fly

Thanks for understanding

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