[Cancelled]Virgin America VA/ Delivery Flight with Airshow by Team Dynamx @ KBFM- 201900ZSEP18

Hello IFC

Event Details

Hello IFC members, We have a special event coming to you guys. Virgin America VA and Team Dynamx team up for an A320 delivery flight. This event will start at Mobile Downtown Airport (KBFM) and take us to San Francisco International Airport (KSFO). Before we takeoff Team Dynamx will perform one of their awesome airshow to get us started. We hope to see you at this awesome event.

Event Timline

  1. Team Dynamx takeoff
  2. Dynamx Airshow
  3. Dynamx Land
  4. Taxi out
  5. Depature
  6. Cruise
  7. Arrival

Flight Details

Depature ICAO: KBFM Mobile Airport

Arrival ICAO: KSFO San Francisco

Region: Mobile Downtown

Depature Time - 1900Z
Depature Date : September 20, 2018
*subject to change

Aircraft: A320 Virgin America Livery

Projected Flight Time: 4hr 31mins

Flight Plan:

Flight Plan

Flight Plan:

Cruise details- 35,000 Feet
Cruise Speed- Mach: .79


1.Please taxi far enough not to hit any planes
2. We will not Takeoff until Team Dynamx has landed and turned off the runway
3. Please maintain 10-15 mm in cruise
4. Please follow PM instructions
5. Have Fun

Gate Assigments

IFC Name Callsign Gate
@Trevor_A Redwood Flight Training Of Mobile 1
Redwood Flight Training Of Mobile 2
Redwood Flight Training Of Mobile 3
Redwood Flight Training Of Mobile 4
Redwood Flight Training Of Mobile 5
Redwood Flight Training Of Mobile 6
Redwood Flight Training Of Mobile 7
Redwood Flight Training Of Mobile 8
Redwood Flight Training Of Mobile 9

More gate will be added when full

How to request a Gate
What gate you want, Callsign Wanted

Join Virgin America VA
New Crew Center, New PIREP system
You want to be part of the action, well now is you time. Join Today down below

Join Virgin America Virtual Today

Special Thanks to the Dynamx Team

Awesome Team led by an awesome team leader @Overspeed. Go check out their videos and public training session sometime



Going to be a great event with Team Dynamx. You dont have to be in Virgin America VA to join


You forgot the @ ICAO in the title.

Also please put @ KBFM not @KBFM, thanks. Please chat in PM


That was quite disrespectful, and no, im not the Co ordinator, but Iā€™m the manager.


Now is the time to join. Come be apart of this awesome event

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Hard to plan this far ahead, but DynamX 2 will try to be there! We have been working hard and will be ready.

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