(Cancelled) VIDP to EGLL ~ @VIDP-080615ZJAN20

                                VIDP to EGLL 
  • Aircraft and Livery: British Airways B773, Virgin Atlantic B787-9 or A340, Air India B777 or B787-8

  • Route: VIDP to EGLL

  • Time of Departure: 2020-01-08T06:15:00Z

  • Server: Training

Flight time should be 9hr 30mins.

  • Additional Information: You can copy my flight plan. Please let me know if you’ll join.

Just a flight I’m doing tonight. I’ll be there in the Air India B777 or B787-8.

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Also, please let me know if you plan to join. I maybe able to take some pictures :)

@LeonardIF18, @infinite_flight_play, and @Simon_Botero, you all planning to join?

I got school I can’t make man sorry but I’ll find some day to join upcoming event I’ll let you know

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Alright! Thanks!

Would have joined if the server wasn’t training 😅

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Uh, I have to do it due to violations. By Saturday I can fly on expert server

Change of plans, I’ll probably start at EGLL

Ok, I’ve decided to cancel this flight.

This can be closed