(Cancelled) Velder Airways VA Touch and Go Madness @ KSFO - 231900ZAPR17

Server: Casual Server

Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Airport: KSFO

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: *Hello there Aviation enthusiasts!! This time here at Velder Airways we are holding a fun little game for anyone that shows up to this event!
The game is called “King of the Bay!”

Here is how it is gonna work! We will take off at any runway at KSFO and head on over to KOAK and make a touch and go landing if you crash you are out!!
We keep on going back and forth until there is one person left!! The winner is of course crowned the “King of the Bay”

This event is meant to be a fun competition of some one is coming in before you please let them land at that runway instead of you racing them to see who gets it first. Make sure that when you take off from KSFO you land at KOAK If you land at any other airport in the region you will be disqualified. If you choose to just cruise around in the sky waiting for others to land and you do not land once you will be disqualified

We are only excepting grade 1 or 2 pilots due to he fact that if grade 3-5 pilots came it would take hours to crown a king.
If you are grade 1 or 2 and become grade 3 before the event and you have a gate reserved please PM me. To make sure that you are grade 1 or 2 please PM me a picture of your XP and your grade so that I can confirm that you are eligible to participate in the event.

If you come to the event please have your callsign be Velder Airways so I know that you are part of the event!!

The plane that we will be using is an Egypt Air A330-300!!

(Photo is mine)

Cargo 41-01: @
Cargo 41-02: @
Cargo 41-03: @
Cargo 41-04: @
Cargo 41-05: @
Cargo 41-06: @
Cargo 41-07: @
(More gates will be added if needed)

KSFO Tower: @
KSFO Approach: @

KOAK Tower: @
KOAK Approach: @

There will also be a fly over to start the event when the two F-22 fly over KSFO that is when you push back and taxi to a runway!

F-22 #1: (Me)
F-22 #2: @

This will be a very fun and exciting game that I think everyone would enjoy, and if you do love it remember to request a gate and come on down to try to become the “King of the Bay!!”


This event is going to take ages dude. Not sure about your piloting skills, but on 99%< of my landings I dont crash ;)


Maybe add a twist like you have to be going 130KIAS when landing.

I think you should just scrap this event…

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Sounds nice ! Good luck for the event

Thanks good luck with Swiss Virtual!

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Dude its useless to bump your post by saying something and deleting it right after. It doesnt add any context to your topic.

Also, its accepting, not excepting. Also, keep in mind that most grade 1 and 2s are not in the forum since they most likely havent discovered the community yet.


5 out of 7 comments on that topic are comments withdrawn, adding no substance. You should probably think about what you type first instead of withdrawing your comments. All those bumps wont help your event if it just isnt what people want to do and see as fun. Think about it. No offense.

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Why is it called ‘king of the hill’…? Shouldn’t it be like ‘king of the bay’ or something? What am I missing here?

IDK I guess it could be whatever floats your boat

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