(Cancelled) Velder Airways VA Beyond our Borders @ KSEA - 120100ZAPR17

Ladies and gentlemen sadly this event has been cancelled due to lack of participation which I understand fully… IF is not anybody’s only life or thing that they do
For the people who asked for a gate, I thank you for taking a minute or two to decide to join this event!
If anyone who joined this event and wants to join our other event (Velder Airways VA You choose: Global Hub) that Aires on the 19th of April please contact me and I will assign you a gate. Thank you once again for recognizing us at Velder Airways and we hope to see you soon!

  • Collin_Mihalovich
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Sorry the event was cancelled due you want to join our event on the 19th??Velder Airways VA You Choose: Global hub @ KNUC - 212200ZAPR17 - #14 by Collin_Mihalovich