(Cancelled) Velder Airways VA Beyond our Borders @ KSEA - 120100ZAPR17

Server: Casual

Region: Seattle Region

Airport: KSEA-KBFI

Time: 0100 Zulu

Aircraft: 747-200 in the South African livery

NOTAM: Hello there folks! On this Velder Airways adventure, We go out of our boundaries and head to a mystical place for Velder Airways, The Seattle Region!!
We will be flying from Seattle Int’l airport to Portland Int’l airport!
If you choose to come to this event you will follow the following rules.

#1 Follow the flight Plan
#2 **fly to and from the right airport **
#3 Make sure to wait at Portland Int’l until everyone is there

B01: @Collin_Mihalovich
B02: @Ghibli127
B03: @Binesh_Ashokan
B04: @Leonard_Paulson
B05: @anon3820355
B06: @

This will be a great event
We Hope to see you there!!!

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Please correct your title. See the following topic for more information. Thank you.

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Sorry accidentally pushed the upload button wrong


All good. Thanks. :)

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Shame I don’t have Seattle 😐, I wish I could come, maybe next event.

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That’s ok Aussie there will be many events to come


Hi there i can partecipate at event?


Marco from Italy

Assign me a gate pls…

You can have a gate any specific one

You can also have a gate any specific one

Please put me in. Thank you

Ok see ya there!!!

I’ll be there but what is the flight plan

It will be realeased before the event

We spawn into our gates in 5 hours and 15 minutes please make sure to show up

Spawn in to your gates in 10 minutes

@Leonard_Paulson @Ghibli127 @Binesh_Ashokan @anon3820355 let’s go ahead and spawn in at KSEA

flight plan to Portland

@Leonard_Paulson @Ghibli127 @Binesh_Ashokan @anon3820355 Spawn in please

Can I join in on the fun