[Cancelled]VAP - IFLA | Last flight of the old Cessna 172 (Sponsored by IFLA) @MPDA 222100ZSEP19

Hi pilots! As you know another wonderful update is coming and nothing less than the replacement of the old Cessna 172, comes a new one reworked with great features that IF has not made known. For this reason we wanted to make a flight as a reference for your last flight before the delivery of the new C172 arrives. Thanking with everything we have learned from this great plane.


  • Aircraft and Livery : Cessna 172
  • Route : MPDA to MPMG
  • Server : Training
  • Cruise : 5,000/ 7.000 Feet
  • Cruise Speed : 130A/S
  • Additional Information: Join us on this flight over Panama, leaving from the province of Chiriquí to Panama City! The flight is around 1h 20m. Must copy flight plan to IFLA members.

Reply if your going to be there! :)

Notice Please follow the instructions of the ATC.

NOTAM : Please spawn 5 minutes before due to parking limitation.
See you there!


Yes!!! I’m going.

David is the capital city of the province of Chiriquí, it’s not the name of the province.

Sorry to know it was canceled. Please let us know when it’s going to happen again. I’ll be very interested!


It’s true, I confused the names, I already modified it. I hope we will do this flight again.

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