[Cancelled] Valentines Flyout @ LPPT - 171700ZFEB19

I’d like to fly an Austrian A321 any gate to Vienna please

Okay awesome!

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Lots of gates left!

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Gate G125 - TAP A320 to EGLL please :)

Awesome, thanks for joining!


Gonna quickly bump this…


@Corgi have you been updating the event?

I have, so far no one new has signed up

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Sorry I just noticed that the event is on a Sunday (I thought it is a Saturday) can’t attend. You can remove me from the list (Ryanair 738 to Porto) Thanks

Okay, I removed you ;(

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You can give me a gate for a heavy: A330 for a LPPT - KEWR trip.
Since there is no A330 TAP livery, I’ll ve using the generic livery with the callsign TP47.

I’ll take gate G203 with Eurowings A319 to EDDS

Sorry for short notice, but won’t be able to make it because I’m travelling tomorrow.

Don’t worry might have to cancel tomorrow due to the fact there are not a lot of people attending.

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I wont be able to attend as well, im so sorry.

Same here, got another event.

I will try to come TAP A319 to Gate G426 and I will fly to Faro!

Sorry guys, event has to be cancelled, can’t change the title

Why do you have to cancel it?

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