[CANCELLED] Valencia Flyout @ LEVC - 061830ZOCT18

Date & Time
October 6, 2018 8:30 PM (Europe: Paris), October 6, 2018 11:30 AM (America: Los Angeles)



Why I am doing this
I’m half English and half Spanish. I have chosen Valencia for this flyout as its the closest airport to where I am from in Spain. I hope to see you in the event!

About the event
This will be a fly-out of Valencia Airport, and will be in the training server to allow more people to join it. This is my second ever event, so please expect mistakes.

LEVC only has one runway, so wait times may be longer.
Follow ATC at all times.
Make sure to take enough fuel to get to other airports as there are none near by!
This is purely for fun, but please take it seriously for the enjoyment of all.
A flight plan must be in place before taxiing.
These are for real-world routes only (exception for GA)
Please spawn in 10 minuted prior to the time announced.

Gate 1: Air Europa (Embraer E195) to LEPA
Gate 2: Aeroflot (Airbus A320-200) to UUEE
Gate 3: Vueling Airlines (Airbus A320-200 to LFPO
Gate 4: Iberia Airlines (Airbus A321-200) to LSZH @flightsim12
Gate 5: Easyjet (Airbus A320-200) to EGKK @Swiss188
Gate 6: Lufthansa (Airbus A320-200) to EDDF
Gate 6B: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (Boeing B737-900) to EHAM
North Ramp 7A: Iberia Air Nostrum (Bombardier CRJ1000) to LEMD
North Ramp 7: Iberia Air Nostrum (Bombardier CRJ1000) to LEBB @esant_15
North Ramp 8: Iberia Air Nostrum (Bombardier CRJ1000) to LEIB
North Ramp 9: Iberia Air Nostrum (Bombardier CRJ1000) to LEPA
North Ramp 10: Iberia Air Nostrum (Bombardier CRJ1000) to GCLP
North Ramp 11: Iberia Air Nostrum (Bombardier CRJ1000) to LPPT
North Ramp 12: Iberia Air Nostrum (Bombardier CRJ1000) to LIME
North Ramp 52: Private (Cessna Citation X) to (You may choose) @BennyBoy_Alpha
North Ramp 53: Private (Cessna Citation X) to (You may choose)
North Ramp 54: Private (Cessna Citation X) to (You may choose)
North Ramp 55: Private (Cessna Citation X) to (You may choose)
Cargo C1: Ethiad Airways Cargo (Boeing B777-200F) to DAAG @QFA_12
Cargo C2: Qatar Airways Cargo (Boeing B777-200F) to (You may choose)
Cargo 21: DHL (Boeing B757-200) to (You may choose)
Cargo 26: Air France Cargo (Boeing B777-200F) to LFPO @Raph
Cargo 22: Fedex (Boeing B777-200F) to KMEM @Plane-Train-TV

LEVC Ground: @AcornPlayz
LEVC Tower: @AcornPlayz
LEVC Departure: @Pilot_SK


Just to help…(btw I can’t come to your event becuase of school…sorry)

If you just change your title from (SIGN UP NOW) to (COME SIGN UP NOW) people will just simply ignore it because you are acting like you are really desperate for people to sign up.

A likely reason people aren’t signing up is because of the timing of this event. Most of the IFC (who live in America and in Europe (like me and I mentioned above)) will be at school at 1600Z so won’t be able to attend. Weekend days (or weekdays from 1800-2200Z) are good times to host events.

Perhaps if you change the time to later in the day, some people will sign up but don’t change your title to (PLEASE SIGN UP, TIME CHANGED), that will make more people want to not sign up, just put (TIME CHANGED), don’t mention (SIGN UP) and maybe some people will attend.

Just some tips to help you out with hosting future events.

Glad I could help and HAPPY LANDINGS!


Thanks for the tip, will change the time.

So you put in forward 1/2 an hour. That probably won’t make a difference. Changing it to something like 1800Z onwards should be good.

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I have also changed the date and it’s at 18:30 Z.

That’s better! A Saturday/Sunday for everyone, so hopefully people will turn up.

Speaking of which…

Can I have ‘North Ramp 52’ to LPFR - BENNY001

Would you like to join my event

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I will see if I can come to your event, 1 second.

I would like to Fly on this event.
I’d like to depart for Zurich.

Swiss 1736

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Sure! Let me add you.

Will I receive a PM to remind me of the time, or do I have to note it now?

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You will need to note it down, I will also PM you all.

May I have gate 7? Thanks.

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Can I fly FedEx to KMEM

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Que veut dire straiht out et remaing the paterne svp les gars

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tout droit signifie que vous décollez et que vous ne vous retournez pas.

Rester dans le modèle signifie faire le travail de modèle et toucher et partir

Google Translater at its best

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Remaing paterne en autre suivre plan de vol c dst ca

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il ne reste plus de motif lorsque vous décollez, tournez à droite, vole avec la piste et atterrit sur la même piste encore et encore

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Voici un lien avec tout les abreviation aeronotique

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Remaing paterne =rester aligner

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