[Cancelled Until Further Notice] CRJ Group Photo

Hello guys!

I am currently working on an Infinite Flight movie showcasing the new CRJ. I have this crazy idea for a group photo/video for it that will be hard to do but should look amazing if we can pull it off.

Basically, I want to spell out C R J using only CRJ aircaft.

Here is a drawing of how it would work (excuse my horrible S-pen drawing skills):

Blue= CRJ-1000, Red= CRJ-200

Basically, we will all spawn into random gates in either generic CRJ-1000s or CRJ-200s (depending on which one is assigned to the pilot) and taxi to this large tarmac area at KMUO:

(FYI, I chose this airport because it has a large tarmac area, If you know of a better one let me know)

Then, we will slowly taxi/pushback into our assigned position (indicated by numbers) in order of our assigned numbers. We will communicate on a PM to get into a position that resembles the letters as much as possible. Finally, we take our pictures and then despawn.

If you want to participate in this please let me know and I will assign you a number. Only sign up if you are 99% sure you can make it. I will change the date and time if we don’t get enough people in the next 12 hours.


Date / time: Cancelled

Airport: KMUO

Server: Casual

Aircraft: Generic CRJ-200 or CRJ-1000 (depending on assignment)


Hope to see some of you there!


I’d be happy to join!

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Awesome! Thank you! I will put you in #2.

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Shouldn’t this be #live:events? Anyway, I wish I could attend this flight, but I’m going spotting.

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When is this? I might be able to come.

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I don’t think it’s really considered an event as it’s not a flight, just possing for a photo. But a mod is welcome to move it if he feels differently.

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^See Date / Time insert above^

Sign me up! Early enough in the morning to be free :)
📷 📷 📸

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A little advice I think you should have a 12 to complete the “j”

If you are talking about putting a line on top of #8 I don’t think that wouldn’t work, it would be to crowded and there for wouldn’t resemble a J.

I’ll be landing in Istanbul at 8:40 AM CST so I will head over to this after I land. Count me in!

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Would’ve loved to attend, but it’s at midnight. :(

Why not 45 minutes later! :-(
I could have done this after 16:40 CEST

Sounds great! Please put me down for number 4 :)

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I’m guessing the times are in Zulu, correct?

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@Cpt.TC the times above automatically change to your time zone, but it will be at 1400Z.

@AIDoLS @Sammy_Droubi @2003iggy @JRRaviation unfortunately, I’m going to have to delay this until August 18, 2018 4:00 PM (Europe: Paris), August 18, 2018 7:00 AM (America: Los Angeles) because we don’t have enough contenders. Can you guys still make it?


No, I’ll unfortunately be in school


Nope, I won’t be able to make it on the 18th.

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What is the Zulu time? 1300?

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