[CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE]AarkonTV's Grade 4 and 5 Invitational @ KLAS - N/A1500ZAPR20

AarkonTV Presents:
The Grade 4 and 5 Invitational!

Join me on April 12th in celebration of all pilots who have reached the amazing milestone of Grade 4 or 5! This flight will take place from Las Vegas in Nevada to Dallas Love Field in Texas! The flight will be done in the Airbus A318 (Any ACJ Livery). Please only request a parking gate if you have reached Grade 4 or 5 as this will be an exclusive flight dedicated to those who have spent numerous hours and flights to reach that mark. Start time and details below:

Server: Expert

Airport: KLAS

Time: 1450Z

NOTAM For Grade 5’s :
Spawn time : 1450Z- 1500Z
Pushback : 1500Z - 1510Z
Estimated takeoff time : 1515Z
Starting airport : [KLAS] McCarran International
Destination : [KDAL] Dallas Love Field
FPL : Copy from Me

NOTAM For Grade 4’s :
Spawn time : 1500Z- 1510Z
Pushback : 1510Z - 1520Z
Estimated takeoff time : 1525Z
Starting airport : [KLAS] McCarran International
Destination : [KDAL] Dallas Love Field
FPL : Copy from Me

In-Flight Spacing : 10 Nautical Miles
FL000 to FL100: 240 KIAS
FL00 to FL280: 275 KIAS
FL280 to FL370 (Cruise): M.78

Note : Pilots SHOULD NOT go directly off of speeds listed above and should instead use the ground speed of the aircraft in front to gauge and match their ground speed to ensure a consistent 10nm spacing.

KLAS Parking

Grade 4 Parking
FBO Signature Flight LAS 1: @Gopisreekanth_Chukka
FBO Signature Flight LAS 02: @Omar_Alqinneh
FBO Signature Flight LAS 03: @JarrettFlies
FBO Signature Flight LAS 04: @reer104
FBO Signature Flight LAS 05: @Thunderbolt
FBO Signature Flight LAS 06: @Tsumia
FBO Signature Flight LAS 07: @Sashaz55
FBO Signature Flight LAS 08: @Elias_Solberg1
FBO Signature Flight LAS 09: @Udeme_Ekpo
FBO Signature Flight LAS 10: @Altaria55
FBO Signature Flight LAS 11:

Grade 5 Parking
Las Vegas Corp. Apron 01: @AarkonTV
Las Vegas Corp. Apron 02: @TaipeiGuru
Las Vegas Corp. Apron 03: @Oskapew
Las Vegas Corp. Apron 04: @dca.iad.aviation
Las Vegas Corp. Apron 05:
Las Vegas Corp. Apron 06:
Las Vegas Corp. Apron 07:

NOTE I will make more gates available if needed.

I am not responsible for any Violations or Ghosts you may receive during your Flight.

Congrats to everyone who has reached grade 4 or 5! All the countless hours you have put in and multiple landing sessions. I hope everyone who has reached the milestone of Grade 4 or 5 will be able to attend this amazing event! Please Provide a Screenshot or Picture of your Grade Table for proof of your Grade. Thanks! See y’all there!


Let’s get some signups!!

I hit grade 4 last week!

Unfortunately, I’ll be taking part in IFATC At Home, so can’t make it, sorry.

How about if I changed it to the 11th? Would that work for you. That was my original date 😅

That works better.

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Okay I’ll change it now :)
You want me to put you down?

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Yes please.

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Great, thanks!

Anyone else want to sign up?

heavy breathing

I am grade 3 ;_;


You have 2 weeks to get to grade 4. you can do it!

Cool event! Give me any grade 5 gate, please.

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Awesome thanks for attending!

Cool! Would like to join. I am grade 4 right now. (Any grade 4 gate) Probably I will be at grade 5 anytime soon. Will you do a group for all of us as a reminder?

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I’d like a Grade 4 gate, please!

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Grade 4 gate please!

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Sure thing, thanks for coming! And yes I will…

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Great! Thanks.

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No problem!

Also, if you hit grade 5 before the event you can always ask me to change your gate around 🙂

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