[Cancelled] Unofficial Community Meetup | San Francisco International Airport

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Unofficial Community Meetup | San Francisco International Airport

Calling all spotting & IF enthusiasts,
it’s finally time for a meetup at one of the home airports of Infinite Flight: KSFO!

San Francisco International Airport is the major airport serving the Silicon Valley with flights to nearly all 6 inhabitable continents. We chose KSFO because it’s easier for members to drive down there, good spotting locations, the variety of aircraft & airlines, & to trigger @BigBert10.

We will be hosting an unofficial community meetup at Bayfront Park at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday, December 19th at 1 PM PST. In better format: 2020-12-19T21:00:00Z. This date can be SUBJECT to change. Changes would be either Sunday, December 20th or other weekends depending on attendee preference.

There is no specified time of disbanding, given several members may want to do some night spotting & spotting generally continues on for hours on end. Attendees may leave whenever they want/need to go.

Information You Need To Know:

With the current situation, here’s the things that you need to know in order to enjoy while being safe:

COVID-19 Guidelines To Follow

As per county & state guidelines, you are not required to wear a mask while outdoors, but it is highly recommended. Since this is a community meetup, we would like to ask everyone attending to wear their masks. If you want to remove your mask to breathe or eat food (more on that below), make sure to stay at a safe distance from the people next to you.

As per social distancing rules, we all know the 6 feet rule. You must stay at least 6 feet away from others the entire time. However, just to make sure you are safe, we’ve gone the extra mile foot & encourage you to keep a separation of 7 feet.

Traveling Guidelines To Note

Currently, travelers who pass via SFO are not subject to the new 14 day mandatory quarantine rule implemented in Santa Clara County (because SFO isn’t part of this county). However, if traveling via SJC, you will be required to quarantine for 14 days if the place of departure is 150 miles away from the airport (this information will be useful for anyone traveling from another city or state).

Gear You Want To Bring

It’s December. Bayfront Park is notorious for being extremely cold, especially towards the final two weeks of December. Please wear clothing appropriate to the weather. It is HIGHLY recommended that you bring a jacket & earmuffs or a jacket with a hoodie to make sure you don’t feel cold & your ears don’t freeze. Wearing Infinite Flight based gear is a plus :)

As per food, it is also recommend that you get packed food that only you will eat. 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM is generally lunch time & you might feel hungry while spotting for so many hours. Another thing that you will want to get is water. Make sure you clean up after yourself if you do decide to bring food or water.

Finally, make sure to bring your camera gear. There are quite a lot of airlines & different types of aircraft that fly during the afternoon & you don’t want to miss them! It is recommend you have a 300mm-400mm lense or more. 300mm suffices, but 400mm will give you the best shots you can get).

Please make sure to follow all guidelines & etiquettes. Everyone’s health first, then spotting second. If you feel sick or observe any of the symptoms of COVID-19, please take rest & don’t risk the lives of others as well as your own by attending the event. You can always join/create a future meetup when you are back at the peak of your health.

If you will be attending, please make sure to reply below!


We hope to see you at the meetup & spread the joy of aviation via spotting & meeting IFC members. It’s the time to celebrate aviation & Infinite Flight as well as say hello to the (hopefully good) year of 2021.


You know I’d love to attend! However, with things getting bad over here, it’s not worth potentially creating a disaster. Hopefully one day it’ll work out. All the best, Ran!


Cry’s in the east coast


I’d love to come, but by that time I can definitely see New York being put on travel restriction lists across the country. I hope you have a great time though!

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I wish… 😔


I kinda think this would have been a better idea when things get calm with the pandemic

I would join but dont want to drive 6 hours lol

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Cries in Brazil

sad east coast noises

Maybe one coming you never know @Airnico_9962_on_YT @nativetoalaska.

Cough Cough

If you live in Orlando I’d be down but I doubt that.

Cry’s in the north east


Ran, that’s my job.

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well Its 2,000 nm away from me I think so yea and also Covid so yea

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Thanks for organizing @ran and great idea to get the IF members together in our area!

However, with the way things are in California right now, especially in the Bay Area, I’m going to have to sit this one out. Can’t afford to put myself or my family at risk especially right before Christmas.

I’ll be sure to make it to the next one assuming we see an improvement in COVID!

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Cries on Mars 🤣

Thanks, although once covid subsides, hopefully you make a trip over to San Fran!

Sad west coast?

Well, here’s the thing: the pandemic isn’t going to go away anytime soon. We’ve been at home most of the time & it’s starting to get on everyone’s nerves due to the constant workload everyday & no breaks.

I’ve been to Bayfront during the summer peak of covid, but it was very safe then. There’s a lot of open space & I highly doubt there will be a lot of people at Bayfront in December based on how previous years have turned out & due to covid.

Almost every activity will have some risk of covid, but we are going to take more precaution than required to ensure everyone participating is safe.

No worries, I understand… the situation isn’t optimal currently, but maybe a future meetup once covid subsides would be great as well!

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I would love to go to this event it is a very quick flight over there but I would never be allowed to go because my dad has banned me from the outside world.

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thats an odd way to describe quarantine


My dad has been really paranoid about leaving the house so I am not allowed to leave and he’s been especially paranoid about airplanes lately and their safety.

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I do understand him

But I can assure him that a plane is safer than a restaurant and other places

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