[Cancelled]Thomas cook celebration flight @ EGKK - 242000ZJUN16

Server: *advanced


Airport: EGKK-EGBB

Time: *2000Z

NOTAM: Celebration flight
We will start at are main hub Gatwick and do a big lop around the region and then slowly decent and land at are 2nd main hub Birmingham. Are head pilot will lead followed by me and then the ceo.


Can you give me the link for you’re website? :)

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Please pm me

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Please use the proper #live:events format next time. I fixed it for you.

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This Friday

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You don’t need to be a member of thomas coom

I will come

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will try and come along to this.

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Will be lovely to see you all

Okay guys please copy my flight plan when you spawn

Please use Thomas Cook livery

Flight plan done

Can you wait for another 5 mins

Sorry event cancelled

Why is it cancelled

I am resigning as owner

Well that was sudden!! Just getting ready to spawn as it’s just before 2000Z.


Why is it cancelled until further notice.

Please bring it back in the future.