[CANCELLED] This Day in History: Napoleon is Exiled to Elba @ LFPG - 141800ZAPR18

Server: Training (can be moved to Expert if wanted)

Region: Europe

Airport: LFPG

Aircraft: Any Air France aircraft (A318, A319, A320, A380, B744, B767, B772, B773, B78X, DC10)

Time: 1800Z

About This Day in History Events: This Day in History is a series of Infinite Flight events commemorating notable moments in world history on or around the day they occurred.

NOTAM: This Day in History returns after a multiple week hiatus! This week’s historical background is April 11, 1814, although we will be doing the flight on the 14th. On this day, French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to the small Italian island of Elba. To commemorate this event, we will be flying Air France aircraft from France’s capital, Paris (LFPG) to Grosseto (LIRS), the nearest suitable airport to Elba.

Gates (More gates can be added if needed)
Z06: @PeterCLE (A320, AF1328)
Z05: @Brazil_aviation (B78X, AF1179)
Z04: @AlessioCh13 (A320, AF1019)
Z03: @ThomasThePro (A320, AF21)

LFPG Ground & Tower:
LIRS Ground & Tower:

The flight plan for the event can be copied from me during the spawn. Please spawn 5 minutes prior to the event. The flight should take no more than two hours. Specific procedures will be given by PM before the event. If you are interested, please reply below with a callsign.

Flight Plan: SimBrief, FPLtoIF
Historical Events: History Channel
Gates: LiveFlight
This Day in History Logo: Pinterest

Image credits: Time Magazine


Can I please have gate Z06, Air France 1179, B78X

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I gave you Z05 because I put myself in for Z06. See you Saturday!

i might be there so if i can can I have Z04 (A320 AF21)

How long is the flight time

It will be 1.5-2 hours

Sure! I will put you up.

I cant go to the flight so can you take me down sorry

Ok, I will take you down. Sorry you can’t come. Hopefully you can attend future This Day in History events!

AF1019 A320 if is possible

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I put you up. See you Saturday!

Only two days until the event!

Let me know if you want a gate. It shouldn’t be too long of a flight!

Last call to sign up!

Let me know by tomorrow morning if you want to participate! Current participants, expect a PM tonight!

In addition we are also looking for ATC for the event so please let me know if you are interested in doing that.

The dinner i had to go to got canceled so can i come pls z03

You are signed up! Glad you can come!

can we push back now??

Due to a lack of attendance, the event is CANCELLED. Sorry for all inconvenience. You can still do the flight yourself if you’d like.

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