[CANCELLED] This Day in History: Finland Joins WWII @ EFHK - 032000ZMAR18

Server: Expert

Region: Europe

Airport: EFHK

Time: 2000Z

Aircraft: Finnair A321 or 757 or KC-10

About This Day in History Events: This Day in History is a series of Infinite Flight events commemorating notable moments in world history on the day they occurred.

NOTAM: Welcome to the first ever This Day in History event. Today’s historical background is March 3rd, 1945. On this day, Finland officially declared war on Germany, entering World War II. To commemorate this event, we will be flying Finnair aircraft or military KC-10s from EFHK (Helsinki), the capital of Finland, to EDDB (Berlin) the capital of Germany. The flight should be just over 2 hours.

T1 G11: @PeterCLE A321
T1 G12:
T1 G13:
T1 G14:
T1 G15:
T2 G16:
T2 G17:
T2 G18:
T2 G19:
T2 G21:
More gates can be added if needed. Comment below for a gate. Please also say which aircraft you will be using.

More information regarding the flight will be made available through PM closer to Saturday.

Photo credits: https://img.planespotters.net/photo/630000/original/oh-lzh-finnair-airbus-a321-231wl_PlanespottersNet_630969_1fcbee09a8.jpg

Can I join as a Marine

Actually @WardellStephenCurry after thinking it over you can use a military aircraft if you would like. It is certainly very fitting for the situation.

Only 2 days to the event!!!

Nobody has signed up yet and I don’t want to have to cancel it. We will be exploring some fun little-used airports in Europe!

Last call for signups!

If nobody signs up by tomorrow morning I will cancel the event!

Just for clearing false information: Finland entered already in 30/11/1939 in the 2° world war against the Soviet Union with the Winter War (counted as part of the WW II) ;)

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This is the information I found:

Unfortunatly this is event is cancelled due to a lack of interest.

I will create another This Day in History event with a different historical event for next weekend. Hopefully we can get more people to that one.

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