[CANCELLED] The Syracuse Flyout

Sadly, won’t be able to attend this one

Ok no worries

I don’t know who has what gate, But Concourse Alpha - Big enough for a Southwest 737-800 - To KCHS! Please?

Or Departure Frequency. Just saw this was in training server - I will be the departure controller.

Ok I’ll put you down for departure

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Would it be too late to change to this one?

Yep I can switch it

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Thank you!

No problem

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Can we by chance squeeze in a JetBlue a320 down to srq? 😅

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Sorry but JetBlue doesn’t operate that route

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With all do respect, it is a seasonal flight. I would appreciate if I could do it. But again, I don’t want to sound rude, so if not possible, can I take the frontier a320 to MCO?

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Yeah I’ll get you down

Thanks, appreciate it!

No problem

Event Announcement

I am canceling this event due to a few things going on in my personal life.

Thank you all for understanding.


Get better soon, wishing the best for you🤝

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