[Cancelled!] The St. Louis Fly-Out @KSTL - 091900ZJUN19

New Signups!


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Sorry more than likely I’ll be flying the xcub cause it would preferably come out that time

It more than likely won’t be released by then 😃

They said after Orlando

Sorry for keeping it off topic

“The release will come sometime after that, however, we don’t have a firm date set.“ - Jason Roswell.

I’ll have this

And lets wakeup at 2am !

Wowza! Sounds like we will have a tired pilot.

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No problem, i have a Holidays so its fine :)

I’ll take gate C6, please.

Southwest to Denver please :)

New Signups!


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Sign up for this event that is happening in less than 2 weeks!

Event is one week from tomorrow!

Plenty of gates available! Let’s get some more signups!

I can’t make it anymore sorry

Can you sign me up for a GA parking

I’m going to have to drop out. I won’t be able to make it from MCO in time

Event is canceled, due to lack of interest.

Why… I was excited for STL