[CANCELLED] The Premier Dash Flight with SoFlo VA || @ KMIA 022100ZDEC17

Server: Expert

Region: Region? Huh?!

Airport: KMIA

Time: 2100Z

NOTAM: Please follow all ATC Instructions. We are representatives of the IFC on Expert server, be professional!

Aircraft. Dash 8-Q400 - Generic Livery

Gate D60W @OJFam
Gate D60V @euroflyer
Gate D60K @Chief305
Gate D60M @
Gate D60P @
Gate D60R @
Gate D60Q @
Gate D60N @
Gate D60L @

Note The last time I made a event I got the time wrong, the event is at 2100 zulu or 4pm EST. If this is wrong, PM me or reply to the thread!

Extra Note I may not be able to attend so at 2100 you may continue on the flight

Join SoFlo VA!

You can go to SoFlo VAs Main Thread or our website!.

Attention, the date for the event has been changed to December 2nd 2017. This a Saturday! The time is still 2100 zulu or 4pm EST.

can i have a gate if possible please thanks!

@euroflyer Gate D60V is all yours mate! Make sure to check out SoFlo VA in the meantime!

ok thank you will do…

Sign me up! Cant wait!

@Chief305 gate D60K is all yours.

@euroflyer @Chief305 sorry folks the event has to be cancelled due to some complications.


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