[Cancelled] The Phoenix Fly-Out @ KPHX - 121800ZOCT19

The Phoenix Fly-Out


About Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

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  • Please use the airline and aircraft that is assigned to your gate
  • Follow the SID that corresponds to your route
  • Communicate properly over Unicom
  • Act professional, this is expert server

Gate Assignments

Terminal 2
Airline Destination Aircraft Gate SID Attendee
Alaska Seattle (KSEA) Boeing 737-900 Gate 01 QUAKY1
Alaska Portland (KPDX) Boeing 737-800 Gate 02 QUAKY1
Spirit Dallas (KDFW) Airbus A320-200 Gate 03 BROAK1
United Chicago (KORD) Airbus A320-200 Gate 04 FORPE1 @AsternAviation
United Denver (KDEN) Boeing 737-900 Gate 05 MRBIL1
United Houston (KIAH) Boeing 737-800 Gate 06A ECLPS1
United Newark (KEWR) Airbus A320-200 Gate 06B ECLPS1
United San Francisco (KSFO) Airbus A320-200 Gate 07 KEENS2
United Washington D.C. (KIAD) Boeing 737-800 Gate 08 FORPE1

Terminal 3
Airline Destination Aircraft Gate SID Attendee
Delta Atlanta (KATL) Airbus A321-200 Gate 15 ECLPS1 @Dwill827
Delta Salt Lake City (KSLC) Embraer E170 Gate 16 QUAKY1 @anon9524891
Delta Minneapolis (KMSP) Airbus A321-200 Gate 17 MRBIL1
Delta Los Angeles (KLAX) Embraer E170 Gate 18 KEENS2 @Dingus
Frontier Colorado Springs (KCOS) Airbus A320-200 Gate 19 MRBIL1
Frontier Cincinnati (KCVG) Airbus A320-200 Gate 20 MRBIL1
Frontier Cleveland (KCLE) Airbus A321-200 Gate 23 MRBIL1
JetBlue New York (KJFK) Airbus A320-200 Gate 24 BROAK1
JetBlue Boston (KBOS) Airbus A320-200 Gate 25 MRBIL1
JetBlue Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) Airbus A320-200 Gate 26 ECLPS1

Terminal 4 Concourse A
Airline Destination Aircraft Gate SID Attendee
American San Antonio (KSAT) Boeing 737-800 Gate A01 ECLPS1
American Newark (KEWR) Boeing 737-800 Gate A02 BROAK1
American Tampa (KTPA) Boeing 737-800 Gate A03 BROAK1
American New York (KJFK) Boeing 737-800 Gate A04 BROAK1 @AAEagle
American Kansas City (MMMX) Airbus A320-200 Gate A05 MRBIL1
American Miami (KMIA) Airbus A321-200 Gate A06 BROAK1
American Austin (KAUS) Airbus A320-200 Gate A07 ECLPS1
American Detriot (KDTW) Airbus A321-200 Gate A08 BROAK1
American Ontario (KONT) Boeing 737-800 Gate A10 KEENS2
American Las Vegas (KLAS) Airbus A321-200 Gate A11 ZEPER1
American San Jose (KSJC) Airbus A321-200 Gate A12 KEENS2 @BigBert10
American Philadelphia (KPHL) Airbus A321-200 Gate A13 BROAK1
American Boston (KBOS) Boeing 737-800 Gate A14 MRBIL1
American Des Moines (KDSM) Airbus A320-200 Gate A17 MRBIL1
American Dallas (KDFW) Boeing 757-200 Gate A18 BROAK1 @Benny_132
American San Francisco (KSFO) Airbus A321-200 Gate A19 KEENS2
American Honolulu (PHNL) Boeing 757-200 Gate A20 KEENS2
American Charlotte (KCLT) Boeing 757-200 Gate A21 FORPE1 @Devon_Mo_piedmont114
American Kahului (PHOG) Boeing 757-200 Gate A22 KEENS2 @Luke_Sta
American Los Angeles (KLAX) Airbus A321-200 Gate A23 KEENS2
American San Diego (KSAN) Boeing 757-200 Gate A24 FYRBD1
American Orlando (KMCO) Boeing 737-800 Gate A25 BROAK1 @VerifiedNub
American Washington D.C. (KDCA) Boeing 757-200 Gate A26 FORPE1
American Sacremento (KSMF) Airbus A321-200 Gate A27 ZEPER1
American Raleigh Durham (KRDU) Airbus A320-200 Gate A29 FORPE1 @Dylan_M
American Seattle (KSEA) Boeing 737-800 Gate A30 QUAKY1
Terminal 4 Concourse B
Airline Destination Aircraft Gate SID Attendee
American Flagstaff (KFLG) Bombardier CRJ-700 Gate B01a QUAKY1
American Yuma (KNYL) Bombardier CRJ-700 Gate B01 MOBIE4
American Aspen (KASE) Bombardier CRJ-700 Gate B02 MRBIL1
American Albuquerque (KABQ) Bombardier CRJ-900 Gate B03 FORPE1
American San Jose del Cabo (MMSD) Boeing 737-800 Gate B04 STRRM1
American Palm Springs (KPSP) Bombardier CRJ-700 Gate B05 KEENS2
American Reno (KRNO) Airbus A320-200 Gate B06 ZEPER1
American Spokane (KGEG) Airbus A320-200 Gate B07 QUAKY1
American San Jose de Costa Rica (MROC) Boeing 737-800 Gate B08 STRRM1
American Portland (KPDX) Boeing 737-800 Gate B09 QUAKY1
American Santa Ana (KSNA) Boeing 737-800 Gate B10 KEENS2
American Mexico City (MMMX) Airbus A320-200 Gate B11 STRRM1
American Baltimore (KBWI) Boeing 737-800 Gate B12 BROAK1
American Salt Lake City (KSLC) Boeing 737-800 Gate B13 QUAKY1
American Cancun (MMUN) Boeing 757-200 Gate B14 ECLPS1
American Memphis (KMEM) Bomabardier CRJ-900 Gate B15b BROAK1
American El Paso (KELP) Bomabardier CRJ-900 Gate B15a ECLPS1
American Fresno (KFAT) Bomabardier CRJ-200 Gate B16 KEENS2
American Eugene (KEUG) Bomabardier CRJ-700 Gate B17 ZEPER1
American Santa Barbara (KSBA) Bomabardier CRJ-900 Gate B18 KEENS2
American Tucson (KTUS) Bomabardier CRJ-700 Gate B19 STRRM1
American Santa Fe (KSAF) Bomabardier CRJ-700 Gate B20 FORPE1
American Sioux Falls (KFSD) Bomabardier CRJ-900 Gate B21 MRBIL1
American Long Beach (KLGB) Bomabardier CRJ-900 Gate B22 KEENS2
Volaris Puerto Vallarta (MMPR) Airbus A319-100 Gate B24 STRRM1
British Airways London (EGLL) Boeing 747-400 Gate B25 MRBIL1 @Adam_Goodman
Air Canada Rouge Toronto (CYYZ) Airbus A319-100 Gate B26 MRBIL1
Air Canada Vancouver (CYVR) Bombardier CRJ-900 Gate B27 QUAKY1
Westjet Calgary (CYYC) Boeing 737-700 Gate B28 QUAKY1
Terminal 4 Concourse C
Airline Destination Aircraft Gate SID Attendee
Southwest Baltimore (KBWI) Boeing 737-700 Gate C01 BROAK1
Southwest Boise (KBOI) Boeing 737-700 Gate C02 QUAKY1
Southwest Chicago (KMDW) Boeing 737-800 Gate C03 BROAK1
Southwest Dallas (KDAL) Boeing 737-700 Gate C04 BROAK1
Southwest Buffalo (KBUF) Boeing 737-700 Gate C06 MRBIL1
Southwest Philadelphia (KPHL) Boeing 737-800 Gate C07 ECLPS1
Southwest Nashville (KBNA) Boeing 737-800 Gate C08 BROAK1
Southwest Milwaukee (KMKE) Boeing 737-700 Gate C09 MRBIL1
Southwest St. Louis (KSTL) Boeing 737-700 Gate C11 BROAK1
Southwest Oklahoma City (KOKC) Boeing 737-800 Gate C12 BROAK1
Southwest Little Rock (KLIT) Boeing 737-700 Gate C13 BROAK1 @Hogwyld
Southwest New Orleans (KMSY) Boeing 737-800 Gate C14 BROAK1
Southwest Newark (KEWR) Boeing 737-800 Gate C16 MRBIL1
Southwest Oakland (KOAK) Boeing 737-800 Gate C17 KEENS2
Southwest Omaha (KOMA) Boeing 737-800 Gate C18 MRBIL1
Southwest Louisville (KSDF) Boeing 737-800 Gate C19 MRBIL1
Terminal 4 Concourse D
Airline Destination Aircraft Gate SID Attendee
Southwest San Antonio (KSAT) Boeing 737-700 Gate D01 ECLPS1
Southwest Las Vegas (KLAS) Boeing 737-700 Gate D02 ZEPER1
Southwest Austin (KAUS) Boeing 737-700 Gate D03 ECLPS1 @Suhas
Southwest Burbank (KBUR) Boeing 737-800 Gate D04 ZEPER1
Southwest Orlando (KMCO) Boeing 737-800 Gate D05 ECLPS1 @Armani_B
Southwest Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) Boeing 737-700 Gate D06 ECLPS1 @Alice
Southwest El Paso (KELP) Boeing 737-700 Gate D07 ECLPS1
Southwest Houston (KHOU) Boeing 737-600 Gate D08 ECLPS1

Airline Destination Aircraft Gate SID Attendee
FedEx Yuma (KNYL) C208 South Cargo Area Ramp 08 MOBIE4
FedEx Flagstaff (KFLG) C208 South Cargo Area Ramp 09 QUAKY1
FedEx Memphis (KMEM) 777-200F South Cargo Area Ramp R01 BROAK1
FedEx Portland (KPDX) MD-11F South Cargo Area Ramp R02 QUAKY1
UPS Louisville (KSDF) MD-11F South Cargo Area Ramp R03 BROAK1
UPS Honolulu (KSDF) MD-11F South Cargo Area Ramp R04 KEENS2




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Gate D03 pls!

D03 is yours! Thanks for joining the event :)

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Can I have concourse B gate b25 please

Terminal 2 gate 4 please, NSV007.

Great choice! B25 to Heathrow is yours :)

@AsternAviation I put you in for it, thanks for joining!

I’ll take this gate!

You got it!

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Gate C14 please. Southwest to LIT

Gate C13 to LIT is yours!

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Gate D05 please 😁👍🏽

Great, see you there!

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Gate D06 please

Gate D06 is yours, thanks for joining!

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Terminal 4 also serves Air Canada and British Airways.

Yup it does!

Can I get a gate to San Jose with the AA A321


This gate please!


American New York (KJFK) Boeing 737-800 Gate A04

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I have an A320 assigned to that route, is that alright?

@Luke_Sta Gate A22 to Kahului is yours!

@AAEagle Added it for ya, see you there!