{Cancelled} The Official IFIA Air Race @ KSFO - 301900ZJUN16

Server: Free Flight Server

Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Airport: KSFO

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: Some of you may remember a few weeks ago we hosted the IFIA air race tryouts. 20 pilots have been accepted race in fighter jets and will be escorted by our escort team here at the Infinite Flight Independent Airline to make sure they don’t cheat. The 20 pilots have been PMed and will be part of the race. I will not say names, but let’s just say, some of the community’s favourite people are taking part. Anyone can spectate. You can fly near the jet racing, as long as your name is Spectator123 (123 example number) and you keep a distance of within 1 nautical miles.


  1. The racers can not go at least 1 nautical mile off the flight plan.
  2. Spectators can not copy flight plans and act as a racer. You will be caught. This is one of the reasons why we’re not posting the racers name.
  3. Racers must fly at 10,000ft MSL and must begin their descent at waypoint IMPLY

Here is the flight plan:


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This event will be cancelled due to a long story. If you want more info, read my latest topic

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