(CANCELLED) The Great Atlantic Race! (Sign-up Closes at 0230Z) @ LPPT - 140300ZOCT17

Server: Casual Server (Global)

Region: Portugal

Airport: LPPT

Time: 0300 Zulu, October 14th, 2017

NOTAM: Hop in your fastest fighter and fight the jet stream to New York.

In terms of the flight plan, just directly hit KJFK, and you’re good to go! You will have to have a subscription in order to fly, and keep in mind that this is in the Global server. A list of gates is below, comment to reserve one. I doubt we’ll need them, but there will be more gates available if required. You are not required to state your callsign, but if you don’t make sure your Infinite Flight Community username is the same as your Infinite Flight username (if that makes any sense…).

Military Apron 1 - The777
Military Apron 2 -
Military Apron 3 -
Military Apron 4 -
Military Apron 5 -
Military Apron 6 -
Military Apron 7 -
Military Apron 8 -
Military Apron 9 -
Military Apron 10 -

Before you bombard me with questions, let me answer some:
Q: Do I have to use a fighter jet?
A: If you want to have a chance to win! ;)

Q: Do I have to fly to KJFK?
A: If you want to remain qualified…

Q: Can you push the event back so I can attend?
A: Depends who or how many are asking. If it’s one person… tough luck mate, try to catch the next one. (Unless you are a mod, then I can push it back as far as you want :))

Q: How will we all start at the same time?
A: We will all line up on runway 21 together. On unicom, I will state that I am taking off, and that will be your signal to GO!

Q: How will we know who won?
A: I’ll be at KJFK, and the first person I see touchdown ON A RUNWAY will be the winner. The result will be posted on the event page. (You may not be able to do this, but try to make your call sign something that is somewhat easy to remember.)

Might be missing something crucial, this IS my first created event… let me know if I am.
Any further questions will be answered via the comments. If it is asked or liked enough, it will be added to the main post.

See you there!

And please don’t be an imbecile :/

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@THE-OP This should be an interesting one!


Do you want a gate? If this event is gonna happen, I’m gonna need at least 2 competitors.

Ahhhhhhhhh, I could try and make it. But school and all that other stuff

I fully understand, maybe you can catch the next one (if there IS a next one…)

Um yeah I’m free and would like to do it. Hopefully nothing comes up before that

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If we don’t get at least two more people by 0230Z, I’m gonna have to cancel.

Welp, I give up. Maybe another time…

Feel free to contact us if you want to give it a go at a later date once everyone has access to Global ;)