[CANCELLED] The Antarctica Flyout

Flyouts have been hosted everywhere from Europe to Asia, from Africa to America there have been flyouts everywhere but the one place that doesn’t seem to have a flyout yet is Antarctica. Well I plan to change that. Welcome to the Antarctica flyout hosted by @Butter575. I can’t wait for this to happen because it is for sure in a continent that doesn’t get a lot of action Join me as I try to make one of Antarctica’s largest airports as busy as possible.

Event Specifics

Server: Expert
Airport: NZIR
Date: 19FEB22


Since there are no actual routes or airlines that fly here you can request a gate with any airline going to anywhere.

Wave 1


Gate Livery Aircraft Route User
Stand 01 Delta A350 Los Angeles @CaptainA
Stand 02 Generic 757-200 Wilikins @United403
Stand 03 US Navy AC-130 South Pole Station @Wonderousbuilder641
Stand 04 Private CL35 Brisbane @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek
Stand 05 Finnair A350 Helsinki @tunamkol
Stand 06 HiFly A330-900 Cape Town @anon38552190
Stand 07 Generic 777-200L Berlin @Mr_A1B3RT
Stand 08 Generic 787-9 Papeete @anon36731834
Stand 09 Finnair A350 Copenhagen @Ryan_15
Stand 10 Generic A340 New York @franky_gamez
Stand 11 Air New Zealand DC-10 Auckland @AndrewGraham
Stand 12 Air New Zealand 777-300ER Christchurch @Dodsky
Stand 13 Icelandair 757-200 Queenstown @Flyin.Hawaiian
Stand 14 Generic A330-900 Mount Pleasant @if.minas
Stand 15 Generic A330-900 Mount Pleasant @GABRiel_Monteiro
Wave 2


Gate Livery Aircraft Route User
Stand 01
Stand 02
Stand 03
Stand 04
Stand 05
Stand 06
Stand 07
Stand 08
Stand 09
Stand 10
Stand 11
Stand 12
Stand 13
Stand 14

Air Traffic Control

Frequency Controller


  • I am not responsible for violations
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • Use Unicom correctly if necessary
  • Try to taxi as best as possible
  • Act professional
  • Have fun!

I sadly can’t join this because of work 😭😭😭

Event Announcement

Date has pushed back one day. Please repress going if attending

Generic 757 to Wilkins Antarctica

I’ll get you down

I’ll take stand 03 in a C-130H going to the South Pole Research Station please!

U.S. navy livery Incase you need that

damn, I can’t make it due to work. This is so cool tho

I’ll get you down


Also, surprisingly enough, I just took off of NZIR, haha.

Can I have any gate to EFHK using the A350, please? Finnair livery.

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Bombardier Challenger 350 (if it gets added)

I stand corrected ig

I’ll get you down


I’ll get you signed up

Great idea. Can I have stand 12 please. For a Air New Zealand B777-300ER going to Christchurch 👍🏻

For a B77L (Generic livery) to Berlin Brandenburg, thanks man!

To Cape Town please in HiFly’s A339

All three of you have been added.

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mind if i can snag this stand, with a Generic livery B789? Destination: NTAA

I’ll get you down.

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Stand 09 for me please

Ok, what aircraft will you be using and where will you be heading to