[Cancelled] The Airbus stop-over LA Wednesday @ KLAX - 041700ZJAN17

Server: Training1

Region: Southern California

Airport: KLAX

Time: 1700Z

NOTAM: *We will fly from KLAX-KNUC following my route (you can get it off me,Speedbird 3 19, at 20,000 ft and 280 KTS

Then onto KSAN Where you will be better off using my FPL at 22,000 ft and 280kts
Then straight back to KLAX at 30,000ft and Mach 0.82 (my FPL)
Please use any Airbus and any livery

If you are coming start at T7 in KLAX and tell me so I can write you down
So we don’t spawn inside each other

G71: @Dossym_Makhanov
G76: @nebner
G78: me

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Make sure this is in the proper #live:events format before posting , i can help you if you’re unsure …

What date is this happening , that is all i need !

Today it is

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Done @A320fan … :)

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Whoops I have corrected that

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Do you want to come

I will be there! Add me please

Sorry busy tonight , next time …

Ok thanks for the help tho

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I’m in. Gate 76 please. I’ll be in a Delta A321

Hmm you could possibly choose like somewhere else then SOCAL especially ts1 KLAX and KNUC

Correction, I’ll be in an AA A321. (No Delta A321 available :( )

What do you mean

Add me I’ll be in a Turkish a321 G75

I’m sorry to bail at the last minute but I am having connection issues and will be unable to join.

Why no one was on events??

Same it is cancelled

Also had connection problems… :/

Why don’t we redo the event on casual server?

l had connection problem too! Why ??? What’s happened??