(Cancelled) Super Bowl LIII Fly-In @ KATL - 032100ZFEB19


C17 Globemaster
Grissom AFB (Reserve)

Gate wise I don’t know ill let you handle that; Im wanting to come in as cargo (security and vehicles for police and military working game)

if not allowed let me know and Ill change accordingly


I will use the B738.


You’ve been added, have you at the MAINT Delta gates, on the day of the event, I’ll tell you how to get to those gates.

@A_Plane_Guy Got you added, have you done as a DL 738. Did you want DL or another airline?


Delta works.


Vikings nation… still mad about our lost

I’ll take B18

DAL 739


Which aircraft and airline will you be taking?


Can i have B3 I am going to be flying an A319 from KLEX for Delta airlines


You’ve been added! See ya on Super Bowl Sunday!


Can I change to gate T11?


Sure, you’ve been moved.


can I Change to KMSY for departure airport (Really a Saints fan and flight isn’t as long as I thought)


Sure, I changed the departure airport for you.


I will take gate C5 if possible and fly the Southwest 738 Heart from DCA ? Thanks…

Although I will not be flying any teams and rather just excited fans, Patriots are the best!


You’ve been added, see ya there!


Can’t attend any longer, sorry


Cowboys all the way. I’ll be coming from DFW in the AA A321.


@DTot42 You’ve been added!
@Delta319 Sorry bout that, hopefully you can attend another event of mine soon!


Can I change to a 737-700BBJ from Dallas


Can I change to a 737-700 BBJ


I’m planning on leaving CLT 16:30 EST