(Cancelled) Super Bowl LIII Fly-In @ KATL - 032100ZFEB19


I just wanna say…

Go Pats!


Sure you can, which airport is it?


I can’t actually make it my sub has run out and I don’t have money atm to renew sorry.


Sorry to hear about that, but hope to see you at another event soon!


Can I take a United 739 with the origin of KEWR (Newark Liberty)?


Can I take gate D1 from KPIT, in a Alleigant B757-200?
(Love to see all the Pittsburgh fans by the way)


Which airline will you be taking?


Gate Change Update

@757fan You’ve been assigned T13.
@Devon_Mo_piedmont114 I’ve moved you from T13 to T14.
@Matthew_20204 I moved you from the A gates to F6.
@TheTyGuy426 You’ve been added, have you done as a Delta 757 at the moment, if you want to use a different airline, just tell me.

I think I got everyone, I’ll check once again later today.


Jacksonville jags Atlas air 747-400 C5


I’ll take 777-200ER Air France 318 to Paris Charles de Gaulle, LFPG


KHOU if it’s okay


@Bacsek_Balint Changed the airport for ya.
@Ifatcalexandree This is a fly-in, but I assigned you a gate if you just wanna fly out at the time everyone will be arriving.
@BadPlane You’ve been added, but if I find another widebody gate, I’ll move you.


Thank you.


I edited my request to an Allegiant B757.


thanks, I hope you find another widebody gate for me


Also, can I change to a Generic MD-11 For atlas air instead


I can try to make it. I’ll take gate A14, coming from KMSY.

I’m betting on Saints vs. Chargers in the game, and we already know how thats playing out. Who Dat!


Which aircraft will you be using?


I changed your aircraft, and I moved you to S06.


Sounds good! See ya there!