(Cancelled) Super Bowl LIII Fly-In @ KATL - 032100ZFEB19


Sign me up please! Seahawks 748 from KSEA:-D


I’ll take a Southwest 738 from Kansas City


@alphaaviator101, @PlaneCrazy, @Plane-Train-TV, @Pinecone You guys have been added.
@Joeoreilly77 I have put you at F7, which aircraft will you be using? If it’s smaller than a 757, I can move you to Concourse T.
See y’all on Super Bowl Sunday!


Could I snag a spot? Delta 717 from KGRB with Green Bay!




You’ve been assigned to B1. See ya on Super Bowl Sunday!


See ya then


I’ll be gate C3, Illinois One, arriving from KBNA


You’ve been added! See ya on Super Bowl Sunday!


Sounds good!


Yeah I will take a A321


Alrighty, do you want to use the DL A321, since I currently have you listed as that. I also moved you to F1.


I would like to change the 737BBJ to Southwest 737 if it’s possible.


Sure thing, currently have you down as a -700 at the moment. If you want to take the -800, it’s fine as you should fit fine at the C gates.


I’ll fly a 737-700, thank you so much


Going to bump the topic. I’m thinking about moving the event a day already, should I, or keep it at it’s original date?

  • Move day earlier
  • Keep original date

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Sorry but I didn’t realize that I made my event on the same day

Sorry @ClarenceTheAvgeek but mine is at 1:30 EST


No problem, if you’d like me to move my event back an hour, you can just DM me.


Okay I will keep you posted, thank you:)


Hi! Can I change my deparure airport because I want to participate at the event of my VA too, and I could connect the two events if it’s possible.