(Cancelled) Super Bowl LIII Fly-In @ KATL - 032100ZFEB19


@Pilot_urp, @Devon_Mo_piedmont114 You guys have been added! See you on Super Bowl Sunday!
@Matthew_20204 I’ve added you, however, just so you have more than enough space, I have you placed at the A gates.
@mac104 I’ve added you to the list, but I still need to know the aircraft you will be using.


Sorry for the delay. I’ll take a delta 739. Thank you!


Roger, see you on Super Bowl Sunday!


Carolina panthers. I’ll be in the crj 700 envoy 3680 departing from KCLT


Let me know when you plan to Leave and we can fly out together


@Connor_Mcmullin You have been reserved for Gate T13, see you on Super Bowl Sunday!


Let’s go Steeler Nation! Hook me up with KPIT-KATL
Southwest Desert Gold
(Boooo Ravens!!)


Am i allowed to argue teams here! XD Falcons all the way baby!


I mean I can’t really argue since the Lions aren’t in it but hate to break to to you the Falcons aren’t going to win…😂


Yeah this year wasn’t our year but next season we will be!


Can I depart from KWRB (Robins AFB) with the A-10, do a flyover the stadium and land at KATL for refuleing then back to KWRB?

A/C: A-10
Gate: Your discretion.


I’ll join!

Departing ANC
737 BBJ


@Hardcore_Destroyer You have been assigned to C1.
@Cpt.Sparryax Got you reserved for South Cargo, however, I might move your gate to North Side.
@anon93248082 You’re assigned for T7.
See y’all on Super Bowl Sunday!


Hi! I’m on Grade 2 until tomorrow, because I went to the restroom during my last takeoff and I had 4 overspeed violations😁, if it’s possible I would like to join. I’ll fly a 737BBJ from KBOS. Patriots :)


You have been assigned T8, see you on Super Bowl Sunday!


American B772 from KDFW, We dem boyz!!!


You’ve got F3, see ya on Super Bowl Sunday!


I’ll take any gate From PVD, Patriots, baby! I’ll be in a Generic 763, which will be like the Patriots’ plane.


I’m a pats fan too can I go from providence as well ?


I’ll be transporting the Baltimore Ravens in an Atlas 747-400 because Pittsburgh didn’t make it