[Cancelled] Sunny Saturday @ TNCM - 262300ZMAR16

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Caribbean

Airport: St. Maarten

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM We will fly from TNCM to TFFR. Come in any aircraft.
ATC: Tower and Ground at TNCM: @Captain_Dan
Departure at TNCM: @Captain_Skywalker
Approach at TFFR: @Captain_Skywalker
Flight Plan:

Anyone coming?

We also need ATC if anyone has time.

262000ZMAR16 was 2 hours ago, you know that right? This event was only created half an hour ago

What do you mean?

You created the event half an hour ago but the time and date you put: 26th March 2000Z was 2 hours ago, what time did you mean to put?

Well I meant 6pm CDT

Okay, convert that to zulu and put it in the title :)

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Can you come?

Nope can’t make it then sorry

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Sadly there is no ground at TNCM :(


No one came.

Im join now my callsign AirBridgeCargo 3 5 6 Heavy

Im join now if you wanna fly

I was tower at TNCM for a hour and no one was there so I left

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