[Cancelled] [Sponsored by GAT] Weekday Quick Flight @ KBOI 121000ZDEC19

Duplicate topic?

Huh? Not a duplicate…

Oh sorry my phone showed two, maybe not.

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I fully intend to participate on this event. I like the idea and the thought to create it.

Large fly outs at big airports needs ample time to get organized and created with plenty of advanced.

While late notice and flight events like this are fun to catch and enjoy.🤙

That’s why I am highlighting smaller airports. I also strongly believe more of these smaller and more “casual” events need to be made.

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“You must be TL2 or above to post in this category.”


TL2 is Member, in case you didn’t know. They definitely would not allow members access if they didn’t want them posting in #live:events.

Also, please do not go around telling people off without fully knowing the rules yourself. I included a nice link for you and I hope you choose to read it. Each category has a pinned message that serves as the “rules” or “guidelines” for that category. If you want to go around and be the category police, more power to you… Just please know the rules and regulations for that category before telling people off.

Have a nice night,


P.S. I know this event is a little casual and non-uniform. That’s my choice; if you don’t want to participate, don’t.

KBOI I woud join but I don’t yet have a sub, have fun!

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Sorry I didn’t know I got told that when I tried to make an event

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I don’t know though sorry if it came across a little mean

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Your ok. Just read up on posts from staff.

Can you sign me up for Boise

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To Seattle or San Diego?

For know, you are signed up to go to KSEA.

Yeah I’ll go there

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Okay! You are signed up. I will post the FPL in a few days.

@Alaska170 What route you want?

KBOI-KSEA please

Okay! See ya there.

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I would love to see a couple more people come to KSEA with us…

Last time, we had 6 and it was lively… It will make for some awesome screenshots!

Less than two days out!

Still could use a KBOI-KSAN flight leader.