[CANCELLED] Spirit Virtual Welcome Event @ KFLL - 211700ZOCT18

Server: Expert

Airport: KFLL

Time: 1700Z

NOTAM: KFLL to KIAH - route published within 2 hours of departure to account for enroute weather. Spirit aircraft preferred. Will be led by @Cameron_Stone, Spirit Wings 1. Park close together and stay spawned for post-flight pictures. If there is ATC, follow all instructions

Your time: October 21, 2018 5:00 PM

Spirit Virtual is a brand new VA to the community, and we couldn’t think of a better way to launch than with a flight between two of our biggest hubs!


About Spirit Virtual
NKVA joined the IFC under a week ago, and we are already up to over 25 active pilots. We are dedicated to professionalism while keeping things fun at the same time. Learn more about us at our thread or visit our website for a better look at our operations and for applications.


About This Event
Spirit is based at FLL, and we thought it would be a great airport for events as it is not too complicated and is located in the famous South Florida area. You are not required to be part of the VA to fly, but we do hope you enjoy the experience enough to apply! You must be Grade 3 or above to join the VA. We do expect all pilots registered in the event to fly professionally and use an appropriate callsign. See you all there!

Not published yet. See NOTAM


Terminal 1

A03 -
A04 -
A05 -
A06 -
A07 -

B01A -
B02 -
B02A -
B04 -
B05 -
B06 -
B07 -
B08 -
B09 -

C01 -
C02 -
C03 -
C04 -
C05 -
C06 -
C07 -
C08 -
C09 -

Terminal 2

D01 -
D02 -
D03 -
D04 -
D05 -
D06 -
D07 -
D08 -
D09 -

Terminal 3

E01 -
E02 -
E03 -
E04 -
E05 -
E06 -
E07 -
E08 -
E09 -
E10 -

F01 -
F02 -
F03 -
F04 -
F05 -
F06 -
F07 -
F08 -
F09 -
F10 -

Terminal 4

G01 -
G02 -
G03 -
G04 -
G05 -
G06 -
G07 - @Laurent_Wellman
G08 - @Hockeyman_02
G09 - @AsternAviation
G10 - @Cameron_Stone
G11 - @Avi8rBrian
G12 - @Plnelovr
G13 -
G14 -


Sign me up! Gate A04 Please


Added! See you there!


I’ll be there!

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Okay great! I’ll put you at G11

May I change my gate to G09 please? Thanks!

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Ill take any gate

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I’ll give you G12 then haha

I do think that such an event, especially the first for a VA, should be on expert to show the professionalism. I would join if it would be on Expert. Anyways, if it stays on training, have a great flight! Congrats for becoming a VA! Always wanted a Spirit VA just not able to join yet.

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Okay that is a good point. I’ve changed it. Thanks for the input!

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Sounds good! Np. I would love to join then! Put me in!

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I would like to join bit I’m on so Much VAs😂😂

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Okay great! See you then!

You’re welcome to join the event without joining the VA if you want 😂

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I’m there mark me for any gate

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Great! I’ll add you

We are postponing the event for a week due to lack of interest and personal conflicts. Sorry everyone but hopefully we’ll have a better turnout in a week!

Sign me up Cam


Will do! Thanks for joining


Oh, my event is on the same date, AND SAME TIME! What about October 20th?

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