[Cancelled!] Southern California VFR - 131600ZOCT18

This event has been cancelled due to unexpected weather today in the Southern California area. Sorry for any inconvenience

Southern California VFR | KSEE - KSNA

Realistic VFR! Short notice - Reserve your spot soon!

General Event Details:

Server: Expert

Aircraft: Cirrus SR22

Departure Airport: KSEE - Gillespie Field

Arrival Airport: KSNA - John Wayne Int’l

Date & Time: October 13, 2018

Route Details:

This a VFR flightplan using GPS fixes and VORs.

Please see here for an example of the flightplan to be used during the event.

Flightplan Breakdown:


  1. Take off KSEE runway 27 straight out. Climb and maintain 4500’ to remain clear of Class B airspace.
  2. Fly GPS direct VPSCF (MC 251) Crosscheck - you should be over a large highway intersection.
  3. Upon reaching VPSCF fly GPS direct VPSMS (MC 279) Crosscheck - You should be established on the OCN 326 radial.
  4. Upon reaching VPSCF, track the OCN VOR radial 326 (Direct).
  5. Once you pass the “Del Mar Racetrack” (VPSRT), climb and maintain 6500’ (Cruising altitude) (Looks like this)
  6. Upon reaching OCN, track OCN towards BALBO on OCN radial 301.
  7. When approaching KSNA, start your descent.
  8. Upon passing BALBO, enter a 45 degree pattern entry for left downwind runway 20L
  9. Follow the pattern for 20L

Cruise Altitude: 6500ft
Cruise Speed: 140kt IAS

(Request a space and you will be assigned a ramp spawn)

@KSEEaviation | N152SE | GA CENTRAL 03

Thanks for reading my event! I’m trying to increase VFR realism in Infinite Flight.

See you there!


Looks like some fun flying. Wish I could make it.

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I would like to join but may i know how much time this whole flight will take?

If it was sunday I could go or if it was 3 or more hours later I could go but since not I wont be able to make it. I do vfr flights mainly and I am a pro at it. But I will have to attend the next, if there is one, event.

Actually, I’ll take a gate.
Callsign: RR777

You’re gonna have to cancel. VFR conditions are non existent tomorrow as SoCal is currently under a severe weather warning. Massive storm coming in with low clouds.

Yep, been experiencing the storms down here in SD. Will have to cancel. Sorry everyone.

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