[CANCELLED] Southern California Boeing 747 Delta Event @ KLAX - 172200ZAUG15

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Southern California.


Time: PST: 08/17/15 3:00 PM - 08/18/15 8:00 PM
Zulu: 08/17/15 10:00 PM - 08/19/15 3:00 AM
EST: 08/17/15 6:00 PM - 08/18/15 11:00 PM

NOTAM: This event is when you can fly around the Southern California region with these only airports: KLAX Los Angeles Intl, KBUR Bob hope, KSAN San Diego Intl. If you want to join, You have to be in the ATC playground in Southern California region at the time shown above, And in your Boeing 747 Delta. Try your best going from KLAX to KSAN and back. You do not have to do that, But if you want to participate, You have to be in a Delta 747-400. Make sure you are spawned in Commuter and These are your only available runways: 25L, 25R, 24L, 24R.

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Ok I’ll try to make it tomorrow and I’ll be atc at KSAN ;)

Please check here to see how to title an event properly

Your wrong on the editing. august 15th was yesterday. You should fix it so ot says AUG17 not AUG15 and make sure when you “fix” something you actually did it right

Ohh ok i was confised

I am not sure this event will happen. But if we hit 65 views, We can start the event.

Oh i thought the event will happen in 9:00 AM. But it starts at 3:00 PM. So we need to hit around 76 views.

I’ll be there

I’ll be there in my bbj Boeing 748 errrr I need An escort anyone guarantees that for me? Thanks! Maybe an Air Force jet and a 737

The Air Force One? That is a 747 VC-25. Read the Topic. Only 747-400 allowed.

Can i be odd please and use the 748bbj and be odd I could help the lead

Ok but your the only one who can be 748bbj. But everybody else has to be delta 747-400.

Thanks! So I am officially a moderator of this event

And that is what i need. I might not be here during the event.

I hope you will let’s gather some atc’s Do we touch and go at Kbur or we land there?

Hey rotate would you be there?

Read the topic. “Try your best going from KLAX to KSAN and back.” You do not have to do that. But you can only go to airports: KLAX, KBUR, and KSAN.

Oh alright that’s cool
Errr do you have any fpl in mind?

Does anyone want to join me at ksfo