[CANCELLED] South Florida Winter Travel Kick Off Event @KFLL, KRSW 272000OCT19

Ya thanks for that too! Both of these are going to be awesome!

This event is just over 7 weeks away! Let’s get some more attendees!

Let’s get some more attendees at this event! It is only about 4 weeks away!

@Bren_McDonell Sign me up! I KFLL is my home airport! I’d love to see planes there for once. I’ll take D7 to KDTW! Callsign DLVA2407

Signed you up! Thanks!

No problem! See you around the forum!

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Hello! Can I have gate D1


Yep! Signed you up! FLL right?

Yep KFLL is right!

Awesome! See you there!

Let’s aim for 15 people by next week! Let’s also get some people at RSW


We will be using the south runway (10R/28L) at FLL as the north runway is closed for construction.

RSW will use its only runway.

I’ll do KRSW C6 DL1753 RSW to ATL (I just flew on this flight).

Yep! That’s yours! Thanks!

Thanks for the realism by closing 10L!

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Can we get 10 people at this flyout by the end of the week?

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Can I have gate D6 to KBOS?

For sure! Thanks!

@Bren_McDonell can I have gate C8 to CYYZ from KFLL and can you change the aircraft to a 737-700 instead of the -800 that route is also flown with the -700

For sure! I changed it for you! Thanks!

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