[CANCELLED] South Florida Winter Travel Kick Off Event @KFLL, KRSW 272000OCT19

Server: Expert

Airports: KRSW, KFLL

Time: 2000Z 2019-10-27T19:00:00Z


We will be heading to South Florida to begin the seasonal routes added during the winter travel season! All routes active during the winter season (Approx. Dec 30) will be active. A lot of year round routes will also be active. For this flyout, we are doing it out of the dual-runway Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and out of the single-runway but 28 gate Southwest Florida International Airport. Both are nice airports that offer some nice routes on some nice planes. I hope to see you there!

Terminal 1
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
A3 Southwest MBPV 737-700
A4 Southwest KMDW 737-800
A5 Southwest KMCI 737-700
A6 Southwest TNCA 737-700
A7 Copa Airlines MPTO 737-800 @Armani_B
B1A Southwest MUHA 737-700
B2 Southwest KDAL 737-800
B2A Southwest KPHX 737-800
B4 Southwest KTPA 737-700
B5 Southwest KAUS 737-700
B6 Southwest KSJU 737-800 @Kevinsoto1502
B7 Southwest KDEN 737-800
B8 Southwest KSAT 737-700
B9 Southwest KMHT 737-700
C1 United Airlines KDEN 737-800
C2 United Airlines KORD 737-900ER
C3 United Airlines KIAH 737-900ER
C4 United Airlines KIAD 737-900ER
C5 Allegiant Air KAVL A320-200
C6 WestJet CYYT 737-700
C7 Allegiant Air KORF A320-200
C8 WestJet CYYZ 737-700 @Zach007
C9 Alaska Airlines KLAX A320-200
Terminal 2
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
D1 Delta Air Lines KATL 757-200 @Eddie_D
D2 Delta Air Lines KMSP 737-900ER
D3 Air Canada Rouge CYYZ A319-100
D4 Air Canada Rouge CYOW A319-100
D5 Delta Air Lines KSLC 737-800
D6 Delta Air Lines KJFK A319-100 @Captain_Oblivious
D7 Delta Air Lines KDTW A321-200 @PlaneLover
D8 Delta Air Lines KCVG 737-800
D9 Delta Air Lines KLGA A321-200
Terminal 3
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
E1 JetBlue KRIC A320-200 @Niccckk
E2 JetBlue KRDU E190
E3 JetBlue MKJP A320-200
E4 JetBlue KJFK A321-200
E5 American Airlines KDFW 737-800
E6 JetBlue SKCG A320-200
E7 American Airlines KCLT A320-200
E8X Norwegian Air Shuttle ESSA 787-9 @VirgilMapleYM
E9X Norwegian Air Shuttle LEBL 787-9
E10 JetBlue KDCA E190 @TRDubh
F1 JetBlue KEWR A320-200
F2 JetBlue KSWF E190
F3 JetBlue MINT KLAX A321-200
F4 JetBlue KCLE A320-200
F5 JetBlue SKRG A320-200
F6 JetBlue KORH E190
F7 JetBlue SEQM A320-200
F8 JetBlue MMUN A320-200
F9 JetBlue MUHG A320-200
F10 JetBlue MINT KSFO A321-200
Terminal 4
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
G1 Spirit KMYR A321-200
G2 Spirit MDSD A321-200
G3 Spirit KBWI A321-200
G4 Spirit MMUN A321-200
G5 Spirit KDTW A321-200
G6 Caribbean TTPP 737-800
G9 Spirit TISX A320-200
G10 Spirit KLAS A320-200
G11 Frontier KTTN A320-200
G12 Spirit TNCM A321-200
G13 Avianca SKBO A320-200 @Altaria55
G14 Emirates OMDB 777-200LR
East Hardstand 1 Spirit KMCO A321-200
East Hardstand 2 Spirit MDPC A321-200
East Hardstand 3 Spirit SKCL A320-200
East Hardstand 4 Spirit MKJS A320-200
East Hardstand 5 JetBlue KBUF A320-200
Concourse B
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
B1 Delta Connection (GoJet) KRDU CRJ-700
B2 Southwest KSTL 737-800
B3 Air Canada Rouge CYUL A319-100
B4 Southwest KMDW 737-800
B5 Frontier KISP A321-200
B6 Southwest KPVD 737-700
B7 Frontier KPHL A321-200
B8 Southwest KBWI 737-800
B9 Southwest KCMH 737-700
Concourse C
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
C1 WestJet CYYZ 737-800
C2 Delta Connection (Endeavor) KLGA CRJ-900
C3 United Airlines KIAH 737-800
C4 Delta Air Lines KCVG 737-800 @Bren_McDonell
C5 United Airlines KORD 737-900ER
C6 Delta Air Lines KATL 757-200 @ActnJaksn239
C7 United Airlines KEWR A320-200
C8 Delta Air Lines KDTW A321-200 @ThomasThePro
C9 Delta Air Lines KMSP 737-900ER @InfiniteFlight48
Concourse D
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
D1 American Airlines KCLT A320-200
D2 Spirit KACY A320-200
D3 American Airlines KDFW 737-800
D4 Spirit KIND A320-200
D5 Spirit KLBE A320-200
D6 JetBlue KBOS A321-200 @JetBlue735
D7 American Airlines KDCA A320-200
D8 JetBlue KHPN A320-200
D9 Spirit KBDL A321-200
D10 JetBlue KJFK A320-200
D10A Spirit KPIT A320-200

Avianca operates an A320 here. :)

I’ll take that in an A320. Also, that’s a really cool picture! I didn’t know the airport was elevated like that!

C3 IAH please

IF Currently doesn’t have an A320 for Avianca, but let’s campaign to get it in because the Avianca A320 is nice…
You can have it! Thanks!

It’s one of the confirmed liveries for the upcoming addition of new A320 liveries.

Which airport, it’s hilarious that I coincidentally put them at the same gate number

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Oh, awesome! I will switch it then!

We don’t know when this addition will occur, however. Hopefully by the time of this event!

Yay some KRSW love. I’ll have to think about which one. They’re building anew control tower and adding a new runway at KRSW. So it’s gonna be hoping soon!

Is there a list of the confirmed liveries, and a date when they’ll be released

Gate A7 please 🇵🇦👍🏽

Lmao FLL pls

Tha ks man

No problem!

DM me if you want a list. There’s never a confirmed date for anything.

It was on some Delta guys page. It is confirmed along with the Aer Lingus, United, and Lufthansa new liveries, and a few others

If you haven’t already, check out the YYZ flyout on Oct 5!

Hi, can I please have Gate C9 Delta Airlines to KMSP with a 737-900ER, thank you!

That’s you! Thanks!

Yeah, I just got a gate at your Toronto flyout, thank you!