[Cancelled] SoFlo Air Race @ KSUA - 021415ZJAN16

#Witham Fld - Palm Beach County Park Air Race

Server: Freed Flight Server 1

Region: South Florida

Airport: KSUA

Time: 1415Z

Aircraft: Super Decathlon

NOTAM: In this event you will be competing in an air race from KSUA to KLNA. Please spawn at runway 16 at KSUA a few minutes before the start of the event as we will be starting at exactly 1415Z (make sure your clock is accurate!). You will complete a lap of the airfield (see Fig.1 for routing) before taking off and departing south towards KLNA. Unicom calls will not be needed at all during the event except at the start when I call take off marking the start of the race.

Land on runway 21 at KLNA and then complete the circuit (see Fig.2 for routing) before parking up at one of the locations shown on Fig.2. There will be another round going back. The first person to arrive at the parking having followed the correct procedures will be crowned the victor.

Key for Fig.'s:
Blue: Ground movements
Red: Air movements



I will give you an idea about informing the start of the race

  • Tell the users to make “Zulu Time” as one of the things in the dock panel.
  • Allocate a time in Zulu for the starting of the race. :)
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