(cancelled)Short hop with American @KDFW 082300ZSEP19

Come fly at 2019-09-08T23:00:00Z from KDFW to KIAH! A short but fun hop. Hope to see you there!

Source: here

  • Aircraft and Livery: American 737-800

  • Route: KDFW - KIAH

  • Time of Departure: 2019-09-08T23:00:00Z

  • Server: Expert Server

  • Additional Information:
  • respect Unicom
  • Copy my flight plan
  • have fun

I am not responsible for any violations you receive.

Anyone who wants to attend spawn in now! Expert… i’m the only on here so u can spawn next to me.

Canceled due to no attendees. : (

I would of been down bro :(

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Actually, I’m about to do a flight from KATL to ZSPD (the airport of the week)! Do you want to join @2019-09-09T04:00:00Z

it would be too long of a flight lol and plus got school…

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Oh, I’ve got school too so I was going to fly slow (😂)

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Last call for spawn!

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