[Cancelled] Saturday Night A to B @ LFPO - 081730ZSEP18

Welcome to Infinite Airlines Virtual’s 3rd Event!

We will be doing a flight to Barcelona from Paris Orly! The flight is an estimated 90 minutes long. Our staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have! We hope to see you this weekend! A group DM will be set up prior to the event containing more details.
Saturday, September 8, 2018 5:30 PM

Route: Paris-Orly International Airport (LFPO) to Barcelona-El Prat International Airport (LEBL)

Server: Training

Aircraft available

Hop CRJ 700
Transavia 737-800
Vueling A320

Departure Slots/Gates

There are plenty more gates if needed.

All time/gate requests outside the stated slots/gates will be at our discretion

How to participate

Please state your desired slot and callsign, and we will get back to you ASAP!

Once your have been assigned your slot please ensure you keep an eye out for details in the Events DM which you will be added to closer to the event and also please join the IFATS server.

Vocal ATC for this event is proudly provided by our partners at IFATS! Check them out at their website: https://ifats.weebly.com/ or their thread: IFATS Official Thread

Event hosted by Infinite Airlines Virtual: Infinite Airlines Virtual - A VA With A Difference - Recruiting Staff Now


Sign me up as IAV3AVM! A320 Vueling!

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Roger that, what time would you like? @Goran12

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Reserve your gate today!

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Sign me up for any gate in the CRJ HOP! :)

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Certainly, what time would you like?

Hi guys. Sign me up.
Callsign MAV786
A320 Vueling
Time slot 1730Z

Note: I am already a member of IFATS


Hello I would like to join the event
indicative: iberia 34
Plane: A320 vueling

put me the door you want

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A time slot please?

Gate T26, thanks for coming :)


I will be on the 1715Z

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Gate T28. Thanks for coming!

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1930z please if you can :)


ATTENTION Unfortunately due to undisclosed reasons IFATS are unable to provide ATC. Therefore IAV will solely continue the event as a normal A to B event on the Expert Server (subject to change). All current participants will be required to sign up again. We apologise for any inconvenience. A list of gates will be posted shortly. The event will begin at 1730Z.


hello if you can put the event on the training server I could provide roundtrip atc I will be connected all the time
It is a proposal if you want to do it in your hands

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen events (violations), I am unable to access the expert server and hence will be unable to attend. I do apologize and will surely be looking out for the next one!

The server has been changed to Training! @Othman_Asli and @Amaar_Viqar, would you still like to come?

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Ok I’m back in!

Callsign : MAV786
A320 Vueling
Gate T26

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if of course I could be from ATC?

@IAV_Official Hi. I don’t mean to be rude or anything but can you guys tell me how many people are actually attending? I just got word that I might have some family commitments during that time. Still, I would be more than happy to stay home and fly but only if there is a group.

MAV 786
Vueling A320
Gate T26

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