[CANCELLED] Remembering The Surabaya bombings victims @WARA - 251400ZMAY18

Hi guys! This is my first event on ifc… So recently my hometown,surabaya had a terrorist attack on 5 different location (one of them is 500 meter away from my school), i really want to remember those who were injured by doing a flyby at the city of surabaya…

Flight details
Aircraft: Any millitary jet

So we are flying visual from WARA,do a flyby above surabaya at 500 feet twice and land back at WARR.i will lead the event so just follow me…

Millitary 01: @david_hartono_s ( AC-130)
Millitary 02: @George (F-14)
Millitary 03: @QantasAviator (F-16)
Millitary 04
Millitary 05
Millitary 06
Millitary 07
Millitary 08
Millitary 09
Millitary 10
Millitary 11:@ouzi (C-130)
Millitary 12

In case you dont know what happened in my city,here is the link that explained it all

Photos of the flight route


A bit late for me but my thoughts are out to all the victims…


May i take this gate please?

thank you

What plane do you want to use @ouzi?

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I saw that on the news horrible

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Can I have a gate at WARA? I’ll fly F-14


Sure,i’ll assign you gate 2…

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Prayers to the victims and it looks like a wonderful event 🙏🏼

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Do you want to join?

Yea I’m doing an Air Cadets March in Brisbane this weekend and the AAFC is very worried about safety :p sign me up btw


Yeah last time I checked Brisbane was not in Indonesia, are they seriously worried? How big is event?


Pretty huge, 75th anniversary of something. The AAFC just worried for paying compensation if something were to happen. They don’t like terrorist bombings.


I would be more worried about public safety then money when It comes to terrorists.

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I’m just joking, there are actually genuinely concerned for us


What plane do you want to use?

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F-16 mate. Very good plane!

I would but, unfortunately I’m busy that day.

I’d like to use a C130 😉

Sorry guys… the event is cancelled due to lack of participants…

A tip friend, go do Jakarta instead.
Most people like to fly commercial airliners, and Jakarta is a 10 times bigger airport.

It’s still in Indonesia, so it’s still a bit of closure to the Surabaya bombing victim attacks.