[CANCELLED] Remembering the Atomic Bomb@RJFU 092000ZAUG19

Remembering the Atomic Bomb ~ Nagasaki


Nagasaki was one of the only two civilian targets that has ever been hit with the atomic bomb (the other is Hiroshima). To remember that dayPlease DO NOT comment about your opinion about the atom bomb.

About Nagasaki

Nagasaki is very famous for the Christian and European influence. Countries like Portugal traded with Nagasaki. The terminal at Nagasaki Airport resembles an European style church architecture.

In August 9, 1945 the atomic bomb was dropped. It was supposed to drop at another city called Kokura, but due to cloudy weather the bomb was dropped at Nagasaki. To this day people in Nagasaki remember the casualties of the atomic bomb (39,000–80,000 people) every year the day comes close.


Server : Expert

Airport : RJFU

Time and Date : 2019-08-09T20:00:00Z

NOTAM : Please spawn 15 minutes before the event. Please pushback after 2000z.


I know that Nagasaki doesn’t have many routes so feel free to fly custom or GA flights. Duplicate flights are also allowed.


Air Seoul: Seoul–Incheon

All Nippon Airways: Nagoya–Centrair, Naha, Osaka–Itami, Tokyo–Haneda

China Eastern Airlines: Shanghai–Pudong

HK Express: Hong Kong

Japan Airlines: Osaka–Itami, Tokyo–Haneda

Jetstar Japan: Tokyo-Narita

Oriental Air Bridge: Fukue, Iki, Tsushima

Peach: Osaka–Kansai

Skymark Airlines: Kobe, Tokyo–Haneda

Solaseed Air: Tokyo–Haneda



Apron-Stand 01B:
Apron-Stand 01C:
Apron-Stand 01D:
Apron-Stand 02:
Apron-Stand 03:
Gate 5:
Gate 6:
Gate 7:
Gate 8: @Altaria55: Tokyo Haneda (ANA 787-10)
Gate 9: @JeromeJ: Tokyo Haneda (ANA 777-200)
Gate 10: @J2S: Tokyo Haneda (ANA 787-10)
Gate 11:
Gate 12:
Gate 14:
GA Apron-01
GA Apron-02
GA Apron-03

If you have chosen a real-life route. I will be able to assign the gate for you if you tell me your destination. If you didn’t, just tell me the aircraft and I’ll choose your gate.

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I’ll have Gate 5 in an ANA 777-200ER to RJTT

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🎉 🎊YAY! First sign-up for the event! 🎉 🎊

Signed you up for gate 10 since gate 5 is too small


Also Gate 5 does not fit a 777-200ER


Oh…oof. How did you know though? Did you have it in your head?

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No I looked.

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Can I change to gate 9?

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Sure! I’ll change it!

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You must have been really skeptical about me lol

It sounds like a small airport so I looked.

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art updated

Ok I’ll attend Tokyo to Haneda

what aircraft?

Boeing 787-9

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livery? I ran out of hearts, sorry I can’t heart your replies lol

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Ah then my livery will be Japan airlines

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Thanks! You are gate 10


Change of aircraft ANA 787-10

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ok will do wait a sec

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done thank you for signing up

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