[CANCELLED] Remembering a Car Accident and a Friend @ KLEX - 231900ZFEB19

Server: Training

Airport: KLEX

Time: 1900Z


Hello IFC,

If you live in Kentucky or the Greater Cincinnati Area, You May have heard the story already, but for the rest of the community, here it is.

On 17 February 2019, 3 teenagers from Lexington KY were driving in the southern part of the city, when the driver sped across 4 lanes of a highway and hit a tree at approx. 3:40 AM local time. At 8:00 AM, the car was finally spotted by a pedestrian, and the police were immediately called. The road was shut down for hours during the morning rush as the coroner tried to piece together what had happened. Of the three in the vehicle, 2 were killed, one currently in the ICU Care Center at UK Hospital. One of the ones killed was a friend of mine, a grade ahead of me. We weren’t close, per say, but we knew each other. For more info, click the link at the end of the post.

As a tribute, I would like to ask you to sign up for a memorial flight across the state, starting in Lexington, up to Cincinnati, over to Louisville, and ending back in Lexington.

This is a huge shock to many, and many hearts are heavy. Break just ended, so school tomorrow is not going to be fun…


A1: @BennyBoy_Alpha
A2: @Alvaro_Mansilla
A3: @Pingu
A4: @travelingcornstalk
B1: @Albatross_Prince
B2: @SouthernDude
B3: @j2s

For aircraft, planes smaller than a 757 would be preferable.

Thank you for reading, sign up if you want to, again, for more info, click the link below.

Have a great rest of your day,



Wow! That story got me really emotional.

I’ll come in a 737 - any gate!

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Okay. Thank you. I’ll put you down for A1.

See you then!

Sorry to hear that sign me up at any gate!

PS: When is it sorry new to global…

Thanks for signing up!
You’ll be A2

Time is 1900 Zulu time.

Here’s a link to help you find what time it is in your time zone:


Can I have gate A3? This story is so sad. I’m really sorry. I will be in a 737.

Ill come any gate and any plane you choose for me. Sorry btw

@Pingu you got it

@Albatross_Prince, you’ve got B1, you choose the plane as long as it’s smaller than a 757

Thank you both for coming!

Can’t lie it’s really hard for me can you please choose for me

Fine, you get a CRJ 900, in the American Eagle livery

So. Much

Great I’ve already find the time I will go in a Boeing 737-800

Okay. Sounds good!

One last question what date is it?

23rd. That’s what the 23 means in the title

So sorry, sad to hear. I’ll join in: Delta 737-9 at any gate

Okay. You’ll be at gate A4. Thanks for the support

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How long will flight time be?


This would be the time of the event in your local timezone

Please may I have a gate