(CANCELLED) Rega Virtual Recruitment Event @ LSZH - 181200ZAPR18

Designed by Rega Virtual’s Graphic Designer @Nick_Wing

Server: Training

Region: Europe

Airport: LSZH

Time: 1200Z

NOTAM: Welcome to our first Recruitment Event. Join us as we fly throughout Central Europe to our Destination Nice Côte d’Azur International Airport. We are Training new Pilots to join Rega Virtual, so if you are interested come and take a look at what we offer.

A Flight Plan Will be put on the IFC 10min before the Event. If Need you can copy a Flight Plan using the copy Flight Plan Button

All People that Apply will receive One Mission added to their logbook

Want to join us for this event? Just request a gate and you will receive one.


Rega Virtual Base
GA Hangar 01 Reserved
GA Hangar 02 Reserved

GA Sector 4
GA Sector 4 02
GA Sector 4 04
GA Sector 4 06
GA Sector 4 08

LSZH Apron F
LSZH Apron F 70
LSZH Apron F 71
LSZH Apron F 72
LSZH Apron F 73
LSZH Apron F 74
LSZH Apron F 75

Join us Today

001-grid-world https://regavirtual.wixsite.com/regavirtual/join-us

003-twitter https://twitter.com/RegaVirtual

instagram-colourful-icon https://www.instagram.com/regavirtual/

001-grid-world https://regavirtual.wixsite.com/regavirtual


I’d be asleep by the time the event is happening XD

So I can’t come

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No problem maybe another time.

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