[CANCELLED] Realistic Fly-In and Fly-Out Mania @ KATL - 181900ZAUG18


Yeah sure, just fly in from another city (ie choose a arrival gate) and then fly to another random place which is completely up to you


@CptMats which gate do you want then


Sorry but can I just clear something up because I don’t know if I’ve understood correctly. Are you only wanting people to fly the routes listed next to each gate? I fancy attending and flying NRT-ATL to arrive, which isn’t listed.


I prefer people choosing the routes that ive chosen but if you want to fly NRT-ATL thats fine.

Just choose an available gate in either Concourse E or Concourse F and I’ll happily change it for you


I’ll have E26 for DL296 from Tokyo if that’s okay. I may update it closer to the date if there are still available gates.


Hopefully KATL gets filled up just like everyday!


Roger you have been added! See you there.

@Michael_Weinblatt would you like a gate


Yeah hopefully we could get 70% filled up


Can I have one of these gates, but if it’s possible maybe could I change it to KATL-KISP? It’s a real route. Thank you so much, and I love the effort you put into creating this!

A320 - FFT1456 - ATL-ISP


Roger you have Gate D12, KATL-KISP FFT1456 with the A320-200! See you there!

@Oli_H @Levet @HawaiiPilot10 @Balloonchaser @SlimeFlyer @Delta350 are any of you interested in this event


I would be interested, but my pro has run out. Good luck with your event!





Anyways thanks for the luck!


Of course! Byvthe way, how did you chose my name?


Just chose it at random. Which gate would you like?


Can’t wait! Thank you so much!!


Sign me up! Thanks! @BennyBoy


Gate: E18
Airline: Qatar Airways 🇶🇦
Callsign: QTR 756
A/C: Boeing 787-8


Roger! Ur gate has been added! See u there :)


I would like to go with the actual Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt at this day, LH445/A330-300. You can assign the gate.


I’m already looking forward to this event!

Gate: E27
Airline: KLM
Plane: Boeing 777-300ER (regular livery)
Callsign: KLM621



@CptMats you are Gate E09

@Noah_Daal those aircraft/livery and route credentials are assigned to Gate E05. You have been assigned there.