[CANCELLED] Realistic Fly-In and Fly-Out Mania @ KATL - 181900ZAUG18


Announcement - 30th JUNE 2018

Now that Infinite Flight has the CRJ-900, I have updated some of the aircraft (in accordance with FlightAware) to feature the CRJ-900 rather than the CRJ-700!


Btw what is WHAP? Just curious…


Gate E08 (D) - (747-400) (Lufthansa) (DLH8175) (KATL-EDDF)

Add me to this event, thanks :)


World History AP
(World History Advanced Prep)

Basically I’m taking a college level course in high school.


Oooooohhhhhhhh…right! Ok then.


Roger @Captain_JR. Your gate has been added.

Looking forward to seeing you there


Thanks, looking forward to be there :)
Sounds like it will be a great event, very well organized i must say. Great job so far.


Gate D24 (D)- (A321) (JetBlue) (JBU396) (KATL-KBOS)


Sign me up please! I’m so exited!!


Jetblue KATL-KJFK is Gate D14 so you are down for that gate. Was probably a typo i guessing


Yes i meant 14 sorry


Yes i thought so. Your gate has been added


Thank you so much!! Have a great day.


Yeah you to, btw you dont need to send me a message telling to sign you up. I saw your original post containing your gate request but I was finishing my dinner and couldn’t answer.


Oh sorry I didn’t know



I am annoucing that we have a rather special gate that is up for grabs at Atlanta.

Gate E07 to Amsterdam involves the special Orange Pride Livery. If any of guys want this livery then he is your chance.

I will putting a poll further down this post and the first person to vote for wanting the ‘Orange Pride’ 777-300ER from Atlanta to Amsterdam will get the gate.

  • Gate E07 - Atlanta to Amsterdam (KATL-EHAM) - KLM 777-300ER (Orange Pride Livery

0 voters

The poll will automatically close at 9:00am (UK)

But don’t worry, if you don’t get this particular gate, there will be other ‘Special Gate Opportunities’ and also there are lots of CRJ gates so your might want to get your hands on those as well.

Good Luck!


Sign me up for Gate E07 (D) - (777-300ER Orange Pride) (KLM) (KLM622) (KATL-EHAM) Callsign KLM622Heavy Thanks!


Yay!!! I’m quite excited about this event, and it will be a great way to end the summer!


Roger. Gate E07 is YOURS!!! See you there!


Is there any possibility to fly in first, refuel and fly out approx. 15min later?