[CANCELLED READ BOTTOM OF THREAD]Formation Flying Frenzy Flight @ KLAX - 082130ZAUG15

This event will hopefully take part on Saturday 8th August

Server:ATC playground
Aircraft: Either F14 or any large wide bodied aircraft but I would prefer more f14 jets
Region:Southern California

Our route:
Check images belowimage

Takeoff time is 21:50 get but plz arrive early to imput route.
Spawn at KLAX T1 parking if you spot you chose is being used please try another.
I plan to fly with up to 4 wide bodied aircraft with around 10 f14’s on their wings and at the front and rear of the first and last aircraft.
I will upload pictures of routes later for your convenience.
Please Reply:
Yes (aircraft type): (callsign)
See you at LAX!
@2345 is handeliing approach and departure
@Alex_Kellagher is on tower and ground at both KLAX and KSAN
If you have any urgent queries please ask either myself or @2345 as he will be sharing the lead on this project

its july the 28th today and this event is on the 7th

Probably means August. August 7th is a friday.

Sorry about the confusion but yes it is planned to take place on AUGUST THE 7th

is this on playground cause id love to do atc

I 99% garentee runway 9 will be closed becasue the winds would have to come from the east and that dosent hapen much. So you will have to use runway 27


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Yeah it is I am sure you can do ATC if you want to.

Ok I will take that into consideration are you in or not

Ok thanks

Maybe im not sire

Hey man that’s at good event plan, not many flaws and the flaws are no that major so no need to bring it up. But i would do my best to bring in people to your event.

Thanks that means a lot gtg take part in Queens Sky event thanks a load cya

Could I help you lead this event

Wren. I don’t think I can come unfortunately but I’m happy to help you promote this. I would advise putting something in the title to hook people in, it currently blends in with the rest of the threads. Perhaps give the event a catchy name. Please don’t think I’m being critical, just trying to see how we can get people on board.

That would be great would you like to do ATC or flying

Check it again

I have my F14 ready to go on the 7th! See you there!

Thanks a load what’s your callsign and also would you try to get more people thanks

Fantastic! I do hope this will get more people in.