[CANCELLED] Quick Sunday Night Group Flight 070200ZOCT19

A quick Sunday night flight before I go to bed!

  • Aircraft and Livery: Southwest B737 or B738

  • Route: KLAS - KSNA

  • Time of Departure: 10pm EST (2:00z)

  • Server: Training

  • Additional Information:
    Please spawn in at 1:50z or earlier. If you would like to do ATC that is also welcome! Come fly with me!

NOTAM: FL340 Cruise Altitude, Mach 0.8 Cruise Speed. Please follow all instructions.

KLAS Ground:
KLAS Tower:
KLAS Departure:
KSNA Approach:
KSNA Tower:
KSNA Ground:

Please reply if you are coming!


We will be using the D Gates for this group flight.

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I’d come but I have to finish up the last of my homework. Sorry, maybe next time.

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Man we are going slow tonight Mach 0.8 lol but I shouldn’t attend as I have school early in the morning


Okay, for sure!

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What should the cruise speed be?

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Apparently 0.8

Whats considered “normal”

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For that aircraft I would say 0.78

For a 737 I’d think mach .78-.82

Ok, thank you.

How long is this flight

40 minutes

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Oh than I should get sleep as it’s already 9:43 and I have A bit of HW left for science so sorry can’t attend

That is fine, next time!

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