[Cancelled] Qatar Virtual Presents: QatarV Saturday's: Vol. 3: Athens | @ OJAI 081600ZJUN19

Qatar Virtual Presents: QatarV Saturday’s: Vol. 3: Athens | @ OJAI 081600ZJUN19

Event description:

Join us as we take to the skies for the third installment of our QatarV Saturday’s event series. For this leg, we will be travelling from where we left off in Amman, the capital city of Jordan, and travelling to Athens, the capital city of Greece, one of the oldest named cities, dating back to at least 5000 years ago during the Neolithic era. Nowadays, Athens is one of the largest economic centres in southeastern Europe, and has a booming tourist industry.

Event details:

‣ Route: OJAI to LGAV
‣ Server: Expert
‣ Date: 8th June 2019 at 1600Z
‣ Flight time: 1hr 51min
‣ Air frame: A319 [QR]

Gate assignments for departure at OJAI:

Gate Pilot Aircraft Callsign
Gate S25 @Oscar_Williams A319 QRV159
Gate S23 @DhruvChopra A319 QRV136
Gate S21 @NationofAviation A319 QRV002
Gate S19
Gate S17
Gate S15
Gate S13

More gates will be added if needed. To request a gate, all you need to do is reply to this topic with your intended callsign for the event and your name. This event is open to all IFC & QRV members that are able to access Expert server.

More in-depth details can be found in the event document linked here:

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Our IFC thread: Qatar Virtual | Soaring Together

Our website: qatarvif.com

If you have anymore questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email: owilliams@qatarvif.com


Count me in QRV136

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Sign me up QRV002

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Hello all,

QatarV Saturday’s: Vol. 3: Athens is now cancelled due to my departure from the position of Events Manager within Qatar Virtual.

I am sorry from any inconveniences caused.

Closed by request.