[CANCELLED] Porter Virtual | Porter Landing Challnge series. (@ CYTZ - 150700ZFEB18)

We are an IFVARB certified VA.

This event is hosted by Porter Virtual.

Server: TBD

Region: Toronto

Airport: CYTZ

Time: 0700 ZULU - February 15th 2018

NOTAM: Please show up in a Dash-8-Q400 ONLY. You may use any livery, but extra love if anybody shows up in Porter’s colours

image Website.

image About this event.

Welcome all to Porter Virtual’s first exclusive event! This, as the title confirms, is a landing challenge. But it’s a landing challenge at Porter’s hub airport: CYTZ.

CYTZ (Toronto Billy Bishop) has 3 different runways, but they’re all super short in length. Weather conditions around this area are typically quite windy, which makes for a ‘funner’ experience.

At the event, pilots will have to guide their plane onto either runways 26 or 08 and make the smoothest touchdown they possibly can, while still maintaining the centreline. But keep in mind that Porter Virtual pilots are not allowed at this event and each pilot only has one chance!

image What will happen?

During the event, there will be (hopefully) a total of 10 pilots. They will have to takeoff one by one with a 3 nm separation distance minimum, make a left/right pattern at CYTZ, make the landing and go back to the original gate. There will be no route/FPL as there will only be pattern work. Wether ATC will be present or not is still to be decided, but even without ATC, all participating members are expected to show professionalism and respect. The judges are also still being decided.

image Prizes.

Oh, and there will be prizes too! The top 3 pilots (top 3 best landings) will receive the following:

A Porter Virtual exclusive ‘Landing Freak’ award and an invitation to join Porter Virtual. Obviously the invitation offer may be rejected if the pilot isn’t interested, but the winners’ names will be put on our website for all to see.

image Interested? Come join this event now!

To reserve a gate, just comment on this thread. Remember that there are only 10 gates available, so please be fast!

Gate 1:
Gate 2:
Gate 3:
Gate 4:
Gate 5:
Gate 6:
Gate 7:
Gate 8:
Gate 9:
Gate 10:

DISCLAIMER: In no way is Porter affiliated with its real life counterpart, or endorsed by it. This VA is here to serve as a side project, a hobby for aviation enthusiasts. All images and media here belong to their rightful owners.

Email: porterairlinesvirtual@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/porterairlinesvirtual
Main thread: Check out our newest event! | Porter Virtual


Please sign up!

I highly encourage people to go to this event. We only need 10 pilots, and it’ll be fun to fly in a region most people don’t normally go to and have some landing competition there. Help us by suggesting some of your friends this event!


Why join this event?

Porter Virtual has decided to host this event to see which pilots are the best and send them a special invitation to our VA. That’s what our current pilots are not able to participate. Again, we promise that this event will be one to remember, so spread the word by inviting people who you think will be interested here!


This event is now cancelled. “It takes time and patience to build a VA, so don’t rush to it by doing things you think will make people attracted to the VA.” - wise words from a VATSIM website.

May a moderator please close this thread and unlist it? Thank you.