[CANCELLED] Polish Hopping @ EPKK - 21245ZJUL18

Welcome to this event
We are going to be flying a popular Polish route:EPKK - EPWA.
We spawn in at the South of Poland, at Krakow John Paul II Balice Airport. We will be flying the LOT Polish Airlines E170.

Server: Expert
Date and Time: Saturday 21 July at 1245.
Aircraft: LOT Polish Airlines Embraer E170

Gates Gate 01R - Gate 02 - Gate 03R - @Marek Gate 03L - @2003iggy Gate 04R - Gate 05 - Gate 06 -

Take the gates quickly as the airport is small and there may not be enough gates for people. There needs to be space for others wanting to fly in EPKK outside of the event.



EPKK 5003N/1938E 5008N/1937E 5019N/1946E 5019N/1946E 5033N/1943E POBOK KOTEK LOGDA WA593 INSEX KUVAM OSTET SOROT WA531 ABAPA MAPIX KUMUT ENIMO 5156N/2130E WA733 WA732 WA731 WA729 5206N/2111E EPWA



Departure RWY: 25
Landing RWY: 07

Cruising Altitude: 15000 ft MSL
IAS Speed: 265kts


Will there be ATC? :
Yes, at both airports.

Do we have to wait for the hoster to pushback before we do?
No, you can at any time after the start time, but when you see someone else pushing back, wait for them to pushback first.

Extra Info: Do not request taxi or taxi once you pushback! Wait for others! If you are first in line, you are allowed to taxi!



I will join and take gate 01R

Gate 01R -

Gate 01R is yours

Hi can I have a gate please

Gate 03R

Gate 03R is yours.

How long is this flight?

Around 30 minutes to 40

Gate 3L for me please then, I am not sure whether I can make this yet, I will let you know tomorrow if I can. Thanks

OK then.

Gate 03L

Is yours

sorry i cant make it

I figured out I also can’t make it. I’ve moved it to 1245z. Is that OK with you?